Friday, August 05, 2016


Untitled While in Hawaii, I went through my mom's cookbooks, to give to a charity or maybe to the brother will take care of where it will go (Thank you!)

She actually had some of Grandma's too.

That Hilo Women's cookbook is my Grandma's and is from 1953! There were some interesting recipes in there...

I also went through the shoebox she had of recipes from newspaper and magazine clippings....boy, were there a lot of char siu recipes...

Think about you all the time especially today, Mom.

Love you.


K said...

Wow what a great family treasure!

Anonymous said...

I love old recipes! I love the Maui cookbook series, as a young bride that and the Betty Crocker cookbook was my go-to since I never learned to cook. I go to Library book sales and I've found old ones, including Jalna's sister DeeDee, and in another really old cookbook someone had neatly clipped all kinds of newspaper recipes. Gold mine!!! How blessed are you to have your mom's!!!

Lindsay-Jean Hard said...

Wow, treasures! Are you keeping some?

jalna said...

1953! Wow, as old as me!

K and S said...

it really is K!

nice Anon, maybe you'll run into my mom's stash at the next sale :)

LJ, yes I've kept a few :)

Jalna, whoa?!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

I love those old community cookbooks Kat! I treasure the few I have left from my mom.

K and S said...

Kirk they are indeed treasures!

Take care.