Monday, August 01, 2016

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@hawaiianpieco custard tart❤︎bigger than lee's custard tart   #hawaiianpiecompany #kalihi #hawaii I recently saw that Hawaiian Pie Company had custard tarts as their special of the day, so since I happened to be in the area, I stopped in and picked up one.

Looking at the size of the container, I am pretty sure that their tarts are the same size as their mini pies.

The difference is that the tarts are a short crust (shortening) and the mini pies have a flaky crust (butter).

Whenever I pass through Chinatown, I pick up a Lee's custard tart $1.25 tax included.

The Hawaiian Pie Company's is larger and costs a little more too...$3.66 (tax included).

Straight out of the fridge is how I like custard pie...this one was so good!

I'll be back!