Tuesday, August 30, 2016


After seeing Deb's post, using spiralized veggies.

I was intrigued in getting a spiralizer for myself.

Of course, not wanting to invest too much money into the gadget, I looked online as I was debating between the vegetti and the microplane versions.

What sold me on the vegetti was the safety cap.

It helps you spiralize the very end of the veg without having to put your fingers in danger.

After washing half a zucchini and a small carrot, I used the "thin" side and came out with a l-o-n-g piece of zucchini and a l-o-n-g piece of carrot.

Even though this was "thin" the "noodles" seemed quite thick.

Satoshi was impressed at how you can use almost all of the vegetable.

We cut the remaining parts of the vegetable and tossed it in with our "noodles".

For our first experiment, we tried making kakiage (vegetable tempura).

Besides the zucchini and carrots, we added some red onion, okra, shiso, myoga and shrimp.

The bulk of these came out limp because a) the recipe for the koromo (batter) didn't instruct needing an egg, so it didn't hold anything together and b) my "helper" was impatient while frying these up.

After adding the egg to the batter and waiting a little longer while they fried, these came out quite crisp.

I'm glad we tried this, and look forward to trying different experiments with other vegetables.


KirkK said...

Interesting Gadget Kat!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Hi Kat! Looks like something I need, so I don't cut my knuckles! LOL! Mich

K and S said...

indeed Kirk!

Mich, I almost always get my knuckles whenever I grate stuff!

Take care you two.

jalna said...

Veeeeery cool gadget!!

Alan said...

Oooh....I love vegetable tempura. But for carrots and gobo tempura, I would like the "sticks" to be a little thicker. And for nasubi and zuchinni, I want them in slices. But the gadget looks great. Maybe I will get one too. I have a small hand slicer like a potato peeler that I use to make the carrots for my cole slaw.

K and S said...

it really is Jalna!

This gadget may not be for you Alan, it makes "noodles" or as they call them "zoodles" rather than grated veggies. I usually use my food processor with a grater attachment to make cole slaw and grated carrots :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

I think I may need to get one of those gadgets too!

K and S said...

can't wait to try this with other veggies like daikon, Rowena :)

Take care.

K said...

Sounds like you'll be having fun experimenting with this!

K and S said...

it is a lot of fun, K!

Take care.