Thursday, August 11, 2016

yama no hi

apparently 2.23 is fuji-san(mount fuji)day❤︎here's one of my faves from our recent trip to the area  #mtfuji #japan Today is a National Holiday...Yama no Hi (Mountain Day).

This holiday was newly added (this year) to the gazillion that Japan already has.

Why they didn't add this to June baffles me as June doesn't have any holidays...

Oh well...I'm appreciating our favorite mountain today...Mt Fuji.


KirkK said...

Great photo Kat!

sheri miya said...

I'm surprised June has no holidays! Can't wait to hear which one is next :)
I love this mountain too.

Rowena said...

I just ♥♥♥ that you have a holiday named mountain day!

K and S said...

thanks Kirk!

I think the next holiday is sometime in September, Sheri!

way to hot to be climbing any mountains here, Rowena :p

Take care everyone!