Wednesday, February 22, 2017


From Osaka, it is about an hour and a half to Hiroshima by Shinkansen.

When we arrived it was raining, and actually the day was forecast for rain too.

We visited with a friend, Mihoko at her workplace then went in search of my Grandma's half-sister's grave.

It had been over 10 years since we had visited the grave and were not too sure where it was.

Luckily the woman at the temple was able to help us (Thank you!)

We went a couple of stops back and went to pay our respects at the Hiroshima Peace Park.

It was actually our first time there.

Somber and thought-provoking area...we were too scared to check out the museum though.

We then went by light rail to the Miyajima station which took about 50 minutes, then hopped on a ferry which took us to Miyajima Island (about 10 minutes).

The rain had stopped but the air was super icy.

We stopped into the first place we saw for lunch...Umeyama.

Satoshi and I shared an anago (salt water eel) donburi.

The anago was kind of "fluffy" in texture.

We also shared these fried oysters.

Both were kind of pricey and (to me, because they are not my favorite foods) just so-so.

Did you know that Hatsukaichi, the city where Miyajima is located, is also the birthplace of the kendama?! I didn't.

We had planned to check out Mount Misen, but the ropeway is out of commission until we spent a lot of time just walking around the shopping arcade and surrounding areas....oohing and aahing at the torii.

We visited UNESCO site, Itsukushima Shrine.

Peaceful and beautiful to see (when there aren't a whole group of intermediate schoolers there at the same time...)

This is apparently the size of the base of the huge torii...massive!

When the tide recedes there are two pools called kagami-no-ike (literally mirror pond).

The reflection of the moon in these ponds are often quoted in tanka (31-syllable poetry) & haiku (5-7-5 syllable poetry).

We also climbed up many stairs to check out the 5-story pagoda.

Just before heading back for dinner, the tide was on its way out, so we went down to check out the torii.

I was surprised at how solid the ground was, I thought it would be squishy and that I would probably take a spill somewhere, but I didn't...

So cool (and huge) up close!

Dinner was a hodge podge of different dishes. Stuffed, we walked out to the torii to see it lit up.

My legs were tired from making many round trips to see the torii, but I was glad the rain had stopped and we were able to see the torii up close.

844 Miyajima-cho
Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
Phone: 0829.44.0313

Hotel Miya-Rikyu
849 Miyajima-cho
Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
Phone: 0829.44.2111


Anonymous said...

Love the shots of the torii when the tide is out. Despite having visited the island several times I've never walked out there. Now I know it's a solid surface I'm more keen to give it a try!


Rowena said...

visiting the torii with the tide out is so cool!, and reminded me of Mont Saint-Michel and the tides going out.

KirkK said...

We loved visiting Miyajima Kat! And walking out to the Torii during low tide was fun.

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky! I've never been there at low tide, and never knew about those moon pools. I love your explanations and descriptions of places. So informative! Beautiful pictures as usual.
You reminded me of last February when my cousin and I rushed out to Miyajima because I wanted to ride the ropeway. Past couple of times I went, the lines were so long, 1.5-2 hour wait so I made it a point to get there as soon as they opened. Closed for maintenance! Must be an annual thing for February :(. One of these days....or I could just hike up. NOT!

jalna said...

So, so awesome that you live in Japan, and are able to go on these cool outings.

K and S said...

you still should walk gingerly TK, but at least you know your foot won't go deep into any mud..

it really was a nice experience Rowena, did you guys go out when you visited Mont Saint Michel?!

it really was neat Kirk!

hmm V, must be the time of year yeah?

super thankful Jalna!

Take care everyone.

Rowena said...

we were actually able to see the tides coming in when we saw MSM from afar on the day after the first visit. way cool!

K and S said...

that is so cool Rowena!

Take care!