Friday, February 24, 2017

premium friday

The government came up with a "brilliant" way to get the working class to "take a break" every last Friday of the month.

They are calling it "Premium Friday" and it starts today.

Workers are asked to leave at 15:00...

Bummer that this doesn't apply to Satoshi's workplace.

Most people who are part-timers will work less hours which means they will receive less wages.

Most companies are busiest at the end of the month too, closing their books...

Japan also has a "no-zangyo" (no overtime) day weekly on Wednesdays, but if you ask me, a workaholic society will hardly be able to retrain their ways...

Have a nice weekend, I'll continue our recent adventure to Matsuyama on Monday!


Rowena said...

yeah, a shame it doesn't apply to Satoshi's work because of all people, he's one that needs some downtime.

K and S said...

Rowena, Satoshi doesn't think it will work, who can leave in the middle of the afternoon?!

Take care.