Thursday, February 16, 2017

square furniture stand

This past weekend was supposed to be snowy or rainy and it was neither, so we headed out.

We went back to Square Furniture Stand for lunch.

This time around Satoshi had their BLET (bacon lettuce egg tomato) sandwich...650 yen.

And I had their Salad Dutch Baby...650 yen.

We also ordered coffees so our total came out to 2000 yen (tax included).

Look at Satoshi's sandwich...huge!

Even though it was super messy eats, he thoroughly enjoyed this eating it with a knife and fork.

It was my first time having a dutch baby and a savory one at that.

I loved the poofy pancake topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato.

We'll definitely have these again and be back!


Anonymous said...

oh, this looks sooo good! I hope I'll have time to look for it in October! Do you think they'll understand English or have English menus?

K and S said...

V, this place is not near a train station, just FYI :)

Take care!

Kalin's Mommy said...

That looks good!!!

Rowena said...

ha!, now THAT (the dutch baby) is what needs to go global at the supermarket, right next to the onigiri - just heat and serve!

jalna said...

Looks good but . . . I was expecting to see your new square furniture . . . LOL!

Anonymous said...

Japanese sandwiches are ALWAYS the best, it always looks so ono stuffed with veggies. Unlike here were it's just plain old tuna. Even the Japanese stores don't make it as good, though it's a lot better than the American version. -N

KirkK said...

Love the name of this place Kat! That is a pretty massive sandwich.

K and S said...

it really was Mich :)

indeed Rowena :)

lol Jalna!

I agree N!

really big Kirk!

Take care everyone!