Thursday, May 25, 2017


Sunday we went to meet MIL and BIL at Hikone.

We got there early, so Satoshi had an egg sandwich and I had a caramel banana cake at Micro Lady Coffee Stand.

The baked items and sandwich were made by Mashita, a pop up shop.

It was my first time trying an espresso tonic.

Strong shot of espresso, tonic water & some citrusy syrup.

Different but delicious.

We met MIL and BIL in front of Gennai, and then had unagi for lunch.

Satoshi teased me because I previously checked out their menu and knew what I wanted to order before hand...

I ordered this umaki (grilled eel is enveloped in a fluffy rolled omelette) and shared with good!

I also had their mini unagi donburi.

The skin of the unagi is cooked until crisp. Delicious!

We then went to visit the grave of MIL's family and then reconnected with MIL's cousin's son's wife (distant relative).

The birth home of MIL's grandfather was turned into a city historic site so we weren't able to see inside the home.

Apparently it is 250 years or so old though...amazing!

The city recently refurbished the roof...bummer we hadn't reconnected with this distant relative sooner, the home was accessible up until 3 years ago.

Still, it was nice to make a connection and spend some time with MIL and BIL.


jalna said...

What a nice way to spend the day!

K and S said...

it really was, Jalna :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

lol, sometimes the MotH checks out the menu of places we're gonna eat at before I do! too bad my FIL is pretty much homebound (bad hip), otherwise we'd take him all over the place.

K and S said...

bummer FIL has a bad hip, hope he isn't in a lot of pain, Rowena.

Take care!

KirkK said...

Nothing wrong with knowing what you want to try ahead of time Kat! Nothing wrong at all.....I think.

K and S said...

thanks for backing me up Kirk :)

Take care!