Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Boy, have we been lucky receiving so many bambucha (huge) veggies this year...

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We received this bambucha matsutake from Mayumi-san yesterday.

If you know about matsutake it is one of the most expensive mushrooms. One this size must've cost a lot.

Mayumi-san said she received two from her DIL, so she was sharing one with me.

It was earthy and with a squeeze of sudachi (type of lime), dusting of the zest from the sudachi and a little sprinkle of salt...it was a nice way to welcome autumn.

Thank you!


Rowena said...

in my book, the best gifts are always the ones that come from other people's gardens (or shopping forays).

K and S said...

I agree Rowena!

indeed Jalna!

it was Kirk :)

Take care everyone.