Friday, September 22, 2017

fish drawer

Since a lot of homes grill fish for meals in Japan, they have fish drawers located under the stove tops.

When we first moved to Japan, I was leery of using gas stoves because the heat is super hot and I love it because it is super hot and fast...

Anyway, I have never used "the drawer" that is in my stove because I have seen horror stories on tv on how hard it is to clean up afterwards.

Yesterday, I bought some sanma (pacific saury) and was debating how to cook it...

Since I've never used it, I have never cleaned it is a dust drawer.

I have seen that you can cook pizza in this drawer as well as toast bread really quickly too.

Incentive for me to try using this, yeah?!

Love the cute fish near the dial you need to use to turn it on.

I chickend out in the end and used my oven.

But will definitely look for the instructions on how to use "the drawer" because I think by using gas, the skin of the fish will crisp up better (and probably cook faster too!).

Have a nice weekend!


Rowena said...

that sounds so convenient to have a special drawer for cooking fish (no need to turn on the oven for something small), but yes, I imagine that it must be a bother to clean up.

jalna said...

Very, very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me that it is sannma season! I remember eating the largest sannma I ever saw in Shin Osaka. I usually avoid them here because they are usually much smaller and has so many little bones. Since this one was so huge, the bones were easy to take out, and it was delicious!
I see fish roasters, like a toaster oven, for sale here in the Asian stores and always wondered about them. Never thought they would be practical since we usually cook filets, not whole fish.

Jo said...

I miss sanma ! It is so good grilled in " the drawer " ! It does grill it fast and the skin is so crisp ! I think you should try it . Who cares it if takes a bit longer to clean , good food is worth the extra time .

K and S said...

will look for the instructions on how to use the drawer Rowena, because the clean up from using the oven was probably about the same as cleaning the drawer would be.

indeed Jalna!

I hope you get to eat some when you visit V!

Okay you sold me Jo, am gonna look for the instructions and try cooking sanma (or some other type of fish in there).

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

That's really interesting Kat......

K and S said...

I have a feeling you would make good use of it Kirk :)

Take care.