Thursday, September 21, 2017

shokuyoku no aki

During a krazy hot Summer, there are some that lose their appetites.

I have (unfortunately) never experienced this...ahem!

Now that Autumn is rolling around, the Japanese have a saying..."shokuyoku no aki" (literally appetite of autumn) because there are so many delicious things to look forward to during this time of year.

(chestnuts, different types of mushrooms, grapes, pears and different types of seafood...much much more).

I personally look forward to chestnuts, pears and figs.

What are the foods you look forward to in Autumn?


jalna said...

Pretty saying. I too don't usually experience any loss of appetite.

Rowena said...

you got the main 3 but also pumpkins of all types (for making pie or using in soups). also mushrooms and truffles!

K and S said...

*high five* Jalna...

only recently have I seen different types of pumpkins here Rowena.

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Love the various tubers during the autumn; but mostly the change in weather....I can start doing braises again.

K and S said...

definitely love the nip in the air Kirk:)

Take care!