Friday, December 22, 2017

learn something new

How do you usually cut your apples?

In Japan, they usually peel the apples then take out the seeds.

I usually cut apples in wedges and then cut a "V" shape to take out the seeds like this.

The other day though, they were talking on tv about limiting the amount of waste when you eat an apple.

They said you should not peel it and then cut it into rounds.

Then you would eat your way towards the core.

So I tried it this morning.

Since Satoshi and I usually share half an apple with our breakfast, after cutting the apple in half, I then halved it again and sliced it.

Then with a knife, I went and made tiny "v" cuts to take out the seeds.

Learned something new and I think it does cut down the amount I used to throw out.

p.s. today is Toji or the Winter Solstice, and supposedly we will only have a short amount of sunlight.

To ward off colds and the chill, they have yuzu buro (baths with floating citron) and eat pumpkin.

Apparently on this day you should eat foods that begin with the character "to" (toe).

We call pumpkin "kabocha" (kah-bo-cha), but older generations call it "tonasu" (toe-nah-sue).

Also adding citrus peels to your baths are supposed to keep you warmer than just soaking in the hot water.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


jalna said...

Interesting! Gonna try next time.

Rowena said...

a nice thing that I can just toss all the veg/fruit scraps into the compost bin, but I peel (especially if they're not organic) and cut them in wedges too.

interesting tidbit about tonasu - we had pumpkin last night!

KirkK said...

Hope you're having a great holiday season Kat!

Jo said...

Merry Christmas Kat ! All the best !

K and S said...

hope this way isn't too humbug for you Jalna!

Thanks Rowena, thought it was interesting about the pumpkin too!

Thanks Kirk, hope you and the Missus have time off to enjoy the season!

Thanks Jo, all the best to you too!

Take care everyone.