Sunday, December 31, 2017

thank you

Do you have a journal? I do.

I don't write in it all the time.

When I do, I sometimes rant in it and also write down meaningful quotes.

Sometimes I doodle in it.

I even put ticket stubs into it and collect stickers from food items, packaging...

This is what the cover of my journal looks like.

And the back cover...

Last month, I saw a Japanese movie, "Last Recipe"" and there was a foodie-ish quote towards the end of the movie that I really jumped out at me. (1st photo above)

So glad for the internet, because I couldn't scribble the quote down during the movie and someone had uploaded it onto their blog (thank you!)...the translation to English is my own interpretation.

In Japanese: Hocho wa chichi
Nabe wa haha
Shokuzai wa tomo
Recipe wa tetsugaku
Yuge wa ikiru yorokobi
Kaori wa ikiru hokori
Dekita ryori wa kimi sonomono
Sore o shokusu wa kimi omou hito

In English: The knife is the father
The pot is the mother
The ingredients are the friends
The recipe is the philosophy
The steam are life's joys
The aroma are life's triumphs
The completed dish is you
The person who is thinking of you is that who feeds you

This year was filled with some sad times, krazy natural disasters and just lots of kraziness in general, but I think overall it was a relatively good year.

Thank you for being "the ingredients" in our adventures.

Talk to you in 2018!


Jo said...

Happy New Year Kat and Satoshi ! Wishing you all the best .
It always is so much fun reading your posts and looking at the photos !

Rowena said...

I'm going to see if I can find that movie online -- we wish you good health and more great adventures for 2018!

jalna said...

Love it!!! Just got home and saw your postcard! Thank you!!!

K and S said...

so sweet, thank you Jo!

I hope you can find it Rowena!

Thanks Jalna! glad the card made it!

Take care everyone.