Tuesday, December 19, 2017

smoked saba toasts

Was watching a Nigel Slater show and he talked about smoked mackerel toasts.

Smoked mackerel, cream, cheese and chives...mixed together and then baked onto bread slices.

I adapted this and served them on toast and then on crackers.

1 can smoked mackerel
1/4 red onion, diced

When putting this on toast, I put the cheese on just before toasting.

When we ate this on crackers, I didn't put the cheese.

NOTES: I think mixing the smoked mackerel with cream cheese and onions then nixing the mayo would be delicious too.

Kind of similar to smoked salmon dips.

The can of smoked mackerel is a brand from Shizuoka, I love the packaging.

The fish is caught in the area and packed in olive oil.

Will make this again soon!


Rowena said...

wow, you get Slater over there? I love that we get MasterChef Australia and Qui sera le prochain grand p√Ętissier? but apart from those two, nothing else on cable that is interesting enough.

KirkK said...

Smoked fish....onions.....something creamy is usually a winning combination!

K and S said...

the only "free" channel in English we get here has all sorts of old re-runs from US & BBC, Rowena, which is how I have been watching Hawaii Five-O (new) from Season 1 :) as well as ER...they will begin Great British Bake Off in January.

I think you are right Kirk :)

Take care you two.