Monday, September 10, 2018

out and about

Near the Toramon area is Atago Shrine.

Apparently this shrine is on the highest hill in Tokyo but the super tall buildings surrounding it, makes it feel teeny.

A samurai apparently rode his horse up these steps in a minute, which now symbolizes success.

We cheated and took the elevator up...we did walk the steps down though.

Take your time it is really steep.

Lunch was at a shop we stumbled upon, Benikatsu (Red Scorpion).

Buy your ticket from the machine then give it to the owner/chef.

He'll ask you what amount of noodles you want and the level of spiciness of your dish.

I chose the normal amount and the least spicy for my shirunashi tan tan men (tan tan men without soup).

Satoshi chose the normal amount of noodles and least spicy for his tan tan men (with soup).

He also added rice (which was free).

While you are waiting for your dish, the owner gives you some blanched moyashi (bean sprouts) topped with niku miso (meat miso mixture).

Eat half while you are waiting then add some to your noodles.

I thought this was a brilliant way to eat tan tan men as you don't lose all the bits in the soup because it is separate.

The char siu is so tender it melts in your mouth.

We'll be back to try other items on the menu.

About 20 minutes away is Hamarikyu Gardens.

A huge park in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The 300 year old pine was amazing to see.

As well as the field of cosmos.

We'll be back to see the other parts of the park when the weather gets cooler.

About 15 minutes away from Hamarikyu Gardens is Kyu-Shiba Rikyu Gardens.

This garden is a smaller and quite noisy in comparison to Hamarikyu.

If you plan to see both gardens, buy the ticket that combines the admission, you'll save a little money if you do.

Coffee floats were a must afterwards.

The weather is still blazing, hopefully we'll see some Autumn temps soon.

Still, we were glad to be out and about.

Benikatsu (Red Scorpion)
3-1-12 Nishishinbashi
Minato, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3436.2455
Closed: Sundays
Hours: Weekdays 11:00-21:00, Saturdays 11:00-15:00

Cafe La Mille
2-4-1 Hamamatsucho, World Trade Center Bldg B1F
Minato, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3435.5422
Hours: Mondays-Tuesdays 9:00-21:00, Wednesdays-Fridays 9:00-22:30, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays 11:00-19:30


jalna said...

Beautiful-looking parks! I hope it cools down soon. I don't like "blazing".

Anonymous said...

those stairs! I think my legs will hurt more coming down than going up. Thanks for posting all your adventures in Tokyo. Though them, I'm discovering more places to visit. I love parks and flowers.

K and S said...

me and blazing don't get along too Jalna!

glad I am giving you more ideas of where to visit V!

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Those are some stairs know, I won't show this to the Missus....she'd want to watch me walk up them....

K and S said...

lol can try taking the elevator like we did :)

Take care.

Rowena said...

you cheated??! I saw that on ig and thought, wow...she's tougher than me!

K and S said...

even though we didn't go up those steps, coming down was kinda hard on my knees Rowena, now I'm having problems with it... :(

Take care.