Thursday, September 03, 2020

this and that

Yesterday, Hawaii made the news here when they showed the mass testing in the H-3 tunnel.

Hoping everyone's numbers will start to go down.

Tokyo's numbers have come down to 100+ per day over the last week and today was a little over 200, instead of the 400 we had a couple of weeks back.

Made korinki and renkon (lotus root) pickles yesterday.

Both are crunchy and puckery.
Bought this yakiimo (roasted sweet potato) yesterday, it was so dry and!

After discovering yakiimo last year, I have noticed that a lot of markets have them year round, though if you find yakiimo during Spring and Summer, the sweet potato tends to be teeny.

Hope to come across better yakiimo in the coming months.

This morning we had "excitement" internet nor landline service.

Of course, Satoshi is non-tech so was of no help.

After waiting until 9 am (there is nothing 24 hours here), the tech guy that did help me was super nice.

You should know that Satoshi and I have different cell carriers and our internet and landline service is under Satoshi's cell plan.

While talking to the tech guy, he mentioned that he needed to have Satoshi's cell membership number and have Satoshi call in to verify that I was "family"...

Gasp! Nooo...then he gave me a hint..."the number starts with CA"...

I found the number in our papers and told him the number...he said normal procedure would still be Satoshi having to call in to verify that I was "family" but he would make an exception...thank goodness!

Then we went over what my wifi router looked like, what was lit up, what was not.

Did I pull the cord out of the socket and put it back...

And then he told me that someone would contact me, they might need to come into the house to look at the wires and router.

If they found that it was the router, we might be responsible to pay for it (since we rent it), but if it was something outside of the building, then we would not be responsible to pay for it.

He asked if I needed someone to translate when they called or came to check, I told him that I think I would be okay as long as they spoke slowly.

So I went to get some groceries while I waited for the person to call me back.

Man, you don’t realize how much you depend on the internet until you cannot connect to it.

I had major anxiety knowing I was only connected to the world by cell phone (thank goodness we still had television service)...

Then after lunch, when I looked at my cell phone, I realized we had internet!

And I also noticed I missed "the call"....gasp!

So I called the number and left a message.

And the guy called me back.

I couldn't understand the whole conversation, but what I think he said was that he checked the lines outside the building and that we should be connected now.

I told him that I had just noticed we had internet and landline phone service too....ah relief!

And then someone else called us.

I guess we had missed each other's calls, so I explained to the woman on the line that I think we were all okay now...whew! so grateful to be connected again!

Oh and if you do not believe that global warming exists, it is real. 

Apparently the ocean temps around Japan are so warm 30C (86F) that it is causing typhoons to form  (cooler oceans would break up typhoons before hitting land).

So there are now 2 typhoons getting ready to hit Honshu and Kyushu over the next couple of days...

Talk about stress and 1st world problems...

Be well everyone.



Anonymous said...

What a day you had with Internet down. I know the feeling. And yes I believe global warming is happening everywhere it's unfortunate our President does not.
Stay safe,
Bonny from MAUI

KirkK said...

Stay safe Kat! Yes, we depend so much on being "connected" these days. I expect the numbers of Covid-19+ to go up because of all the testing Kat. But it is my hope and expectation that the % infected will go down - that's a key. Hospitalizations and mortalities are a lagging indicator; which makes things just so much more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Funny, not funny. What a stressful day! I hope you had a huge can or glass of "relaxation."

jalna said...

Beads of sweat started to form on my forehead reading this. Good job, Kat!

Rowena said...

gaaaahhhh!!!! this and that and a whole lot of angst! I suppose because you rarely lose internet service, going without it is major stress. I get the no-internet 'warning' (red light on the router) often enough but know that it'll come back in an hour, 2 hours, end of the day LOL!

anonymous said...

Wow,so much going on! Glad to hear all's resolved. Stay safe & have a good weekend, Kat!
sc reader

K and S said...

Thanks Bonny, you stay safe too!

Hoping the death numbers start to get lower everywhere, Kirk.

Had a glass of wine tonight (Friday), V.

Sorry to stress you out Jalna!

lol Rowena, I hope your internet service will be better!

indeed SC reader, have a safe weekend too!

Take care everyone.