Friday, April 09, 2021

this and that

I went past that senior day care nearby and they had a pretty origami sakura tree.

Hibiya Park's tulips that Satoshi saw on his last day of work.
There was also a professional airman drawing happy faces around Tokyo. (you need to look at the photo upside down)

Satoshi didn't explain when he sent this so I didn't know what it was until the news did a story about it.
I had bought some lilies from the cute flower shop in our neighborhood. 

So happy they all bloomed.

I had this raisin bread in Asakusa bookmarked and found out it was sold at another shop also.

So when I went to the Ueno area, I picked up a small cinnamon raisin.

Packed to the gills with!

So glad we got to try this and will definitely buy more whenever we are nearby.
Near Okachimachi is Tonkatsu Isen that has been around for at least 80 years.

They are supposedly the ones who invented the tonkatsu sandwich.

Their katsu is super tender that one is supposedly able to cut it with chopsticks.

Bummer the owner (a woman) was so cold. 

Still I'm glad we got to try them, and we will be back to try other items on their menu when dining in is safe.

The sandwich set up above also had egg salad and crab cucumber.

One thing to note is that they urge you to eat this sandwich within two hours of their making it. (um, please note that on your website!)

Was my first time to check out the cherry blossoms at Ueno.

I don’t know if they do this every year, but they had it sectioned off for one way traffic, to avoid crowding.

Too bad by the time I went most of the blooms had fallen.

Another week....leading into another weekend.

Can’t believe it has been a year since my cousin passed due to this virus.

Japan’s numbers are spiking due to the variants.

Our vaccinations are still moving at a snail’s pace.

Have a safe weekend!

Coffee &  Budopan Maizuru
3-33-9 Yushima
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3836.5406
Closed Sundays & Holidays
Hours: 10:00-18:00

Tonkatsu Isen
3-40-3 Yushima
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 050.5456.1802
Closed Wednesdays
Hours: 11:30-21:00 
*cash only


Anonymous said...

Flowers and food! My favorite kind of posts!
how much was the katsu sando from that place. there were a lot of pieces. Rokaku Hamakatsu at Ala Moana Center sells 3 pieces for $9, take out only. it is very good.

K and S said...

V, the 6 piece was $9 and the set with the crab was $14

Take care!

jalna said...

All the sandwiches look good. And that raisin bread!! Ho!

K and S said...

Jalna, all was ono!

Take care:)

Rowena said...

I really like that raisin bread....geez that is choke raisins!

K and S said...

so good Rowena!

Take care:)

KirkK said...

Love the effort by the pilot to do those happy faces Kat!

K and S said...

Kirk, it was really something:)

Take care!