Friday, April 23, 2021

this and that

Kara mandarins...these were tiny and super sweet.

They were mostly seedless and grown in Ehime prefecture.

I'm glad we tried them.

Country Ma'am makes soft type chocolate chip cookies.

This was my first time trying them, and we bought the ones that were chocolate cookies covered with chocolate.

I'm glad we tried these too.

The next part is a rant...

Our main branch of government continues to be out of touch, they don't see any urgency to stop the spread of this virus, and are not willing to give any stimulus to those who need it...the vice Prime minister actually asked the press how much longer he has to wear a mask?! WTH?!

Can you believe that most of our medical people have not been vaccinated yet? scary!

But, they have started to vaccine the elderly?!

Japan only has one vaccine approved by the government...Pfizer.

On top of that, only doctors and nurses are allowed to give the vaccine.

The main branch of government is finally "considering" allowing dentists to administer the vaccine....sigh!

It has been very frustrating to see the rest of the world receive their 2nd vaccine...and talk about maybe needing a 3rd in the Fall.

Japan's cases are mostly all variants now and the numbers are continuing to increase...I think yesterday’s total was 6000

There is another talk of a state of emergency that will supposedly be stricter, but they are not sure when it will start.

In the meantime, most hospitals have reached maximum capacity and there are many cases in Japan waiting it out at home or in hotels for a hospital bed to open up in their prefectures.

I don't understand why the main branch of government cannot make temporary laws to fine people or make more people comply.

I also feel like the bulk of people here are alcoholics & don’t feel a sense of danger...just because the izakaya (bars/pubs) are closed (they are not allowed to operate after 20:00) they need to gather outside in parks or in front of train stations to drink and meet up without masks?! but when interviewed “they are scared of contracting the disease” then stay at home like the rest of us are...

Anyway, I am trying to keep my spirits up and hang in there but we've passed a year of doing this.

These are the things I'm getting tired, our take out rotation, wearing a mask and having my hands get all busted up from alcohol hand sanitizers.

That said, we are heading to Kyoto for MIL's 49 day service.

Hoping we will be safe doing this...

I know there are many with more pressing frustrations and more difficult things to worry & rant about, but I thank you for listening.

Have a safe weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

How frustrating for you and so many others to deal with such ignorance and incompetence in your government. I hope things dramatically improve for everyone soon. Please take care, especially when you travel.

Anonymous said...

Gee Kat surprised to hear the governments snail response to vaccination. Wondering what their reason is? I always thought of the Japanese people to be disciplined but over a year of restrictions, it's getting old I guess.
Maui's cases are 85% variants from CA.
Take care,
Bonny ogg

Kentucky Lady said...

I understand your frustration! My son and his family live in Kagoshima and have no idea if or when they'll receive vaccine. I can't come to Japan and they don't want to risk coming to the US. I've received both shots through my school job. Cases in Kentucky are slowly getting lower. Now we have to consider the "crazies" that think vaccines are dangerous. Enough of my rant! Stay safe, one day we'll get back to some normal. Enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

I watch the English version of NIK news the other day and they mentioned how behind Japan is on vaxs. I was wondering why since Japan is up to date on a lot of stuff. Serously,what are the elected officials thinking. Sorry to hear about this. Safe travels. -N

K and S said...

Thanks Anon, I hope things get better here soon!

Stay safe Bonny, hope you got your vaccinations!

Laura, I sometimes think we would get our vaccines faster if we went to the US. hoping your son & his family get theirs soon!

N, hope you got your vaccines!

Take care everyone!

Rowena said...

Kat, you rant all you want and when you want because in these trying times we need a way to let off steam. I, for the most part, have been keeping my cool but only because I have too many other things to fret about (the main issue being my FIL who has had a sudden downturn in health in the past couple weeks); it's gonna get interesting around here.

KirkK said...

The delay in vaccinations is terrible Kat. Even with all the complaints and moaning here; we now have the lowest positivity rate in the US. We can't get careless though, because things can turn on a dime.

K and S said...

Rowena, I hope your FIL will make a strong comeback. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Kirk, it really is sad, I hope the US will continue to lower their cases.

Take care you two.

jalna said...

I don't understand the delay. Are those in charge afraid of making the "wrong" call? Are they usually so slow in implementing protocols?

K and S said...

no guebos (sp?) Jalna...they don't want to take responsibility but place all of the responsibility on the local governments then grumble about the choices the local governments made...grrr!

Take care!