Friday, January 21, 2022

this and that

The wire connecting our mouse (right) to the computer became exposed, to the point where Satoshi said he would feel teeny electric shocks from the exposed wire whenever he used the mouse…aiyah!

We finally got around to getting a new one…it is HUGE! (left)

With points from a point card that the store allowed, we ended up paying only $1-ish for it.

I love shopping with points.

Have you started playing Wordle? I have, it is a nice way to “be still” and “think”, so far I’ve been able to guess the daily word…

Except yesterday, I wasn't able to solve the puzzle because I thought you could only use a letter once…but found out afterwards that if the letter is correct you can use it twice!..somebody put that in the rules!

Luckily they reveal the word after the 6 tries.

If you do post to social media, do not post your screenshot as others may still be trying to solve the puzzle.

Yes, the whole world is working on the same puzzle!

There are some killjoys if you happen to look at twitter...

The share version looks like the photo I have posted.

Tokyo’s case numbers this week hovered around 4000 then exploded yesterday to 8000-ish.

We’ll continue to lay low until we can get boosted.

Hope you are doing well.

Have a safe weekend!


jalna said...

I got today's Wordle in 4 tries!! That was fun! Thanks for sharing.

Teri K said...

I read due to the increase in cases, Japan declared another state of emergency. Be safe. Cases are increasing in Hawaii, too. Hopefully, you can get your booster shot soon.
I love Wordle, too. I need to exercise my brain, so this is great, since it's both easy and difficult at the same time.
Have a nice weekend!

K and S said...

good for you Jalna :)

Thank you Teri, please stay safe too.

Take care you two!