Monday, June 20, 2022


Yesterday we went to Horikiri Iris Garden which is a little over an hour away by train in the Northern part of Tokyo called Katsushika.

We visited an area called Shibamata which in Katsushika back in 2008.

This garden had 200 varieties of iris and they try not to plant the same variety next to another so you can enjoy different varieties at one time.
There were some water lilies.

A little down the road is the Horikiri Waterside Park.

You can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from here and they also have some iris plants here as well.

Near the Horikiri Tenso Shrine, you can see these huge shikifukujin statues (7 lucky gods).
Across the river in an area called Yanagihara, is where the opening scene of J-drama "Kinpachi Sensei" ("Mr Kinpachi") was filmed.
Lunch was at Taishiosoba Toka in Ueno, which uses the broth from tai (red snapper)
I had their hiyashi tai shio soba...980 yen (tax included)

The noodles were super refreshing though the broth was kind of oily.

It had pieces of tai (red snapper) sashimi and some char siu as well, the menma (seasoned bamboo shoots) could have been cooked longer.

Satoshi had their chukasoba 860 yen (tax included)

He said this was delicious.

It was blazing and humid but we were glad that the weather cleared up from the gloom and rain of Saturday.

We missed the info that there was another larger park in Kanamachi (about 20 minutes by bus from Horikiri) with even more irises to see (boo!), so we'll save that park for next year.

We hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as we did.

Horikiri Iris Garden
2-19-1 Horikiri
Katsushika, Tokyo
Hours: 9:00-17:00
*no admission, but it is gated

Taishiosoba Toka
Atre Ueno 1F
Ueno, Tokyo
Open when Atre Ueno is


Rowena said...! irises do surprisingly well in our clay soil, but I haven't gotten around to collecting more. I also adore water lilies but given our mosquito population...meh, better forget that idea.

Kat, I typed in your blog address and I got this instead?

of course I realized that wasn't right, but wth? I just wanted your rss feed.

jalna said...

The irises made me think of hanafuda cards. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Iris season is on my Japan wish list.
My dry land irises are blooming now but nothing like Japan

K and S said...

I hope you'll be able to get more irises Rowena, I didn't know there were so many varieties!

ooh yeah Jalna, Hanafuda:)

Hoping you can come back next year to see the irises, V!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

That Chuka Soba looks good Kat! And the prices! ;o)

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk, Satoshi enjoyed it :)

Take care.