Friday, June 24, 2022

this and that

Costco bagels...there is an import store in our shopping arcade that started selling Costco Japan items.

This bag of 6 bagels was 700 plus yen (tax included), which is apparently higher than what Costco sells these for, but it was nice to have American bagels for a change.

They also bring in those huge muffins, but I thought 6 would be hard to freeze (my freezer isn't so large).

The sunset last Friday.
Neighborhood cat angry that I interrupted its bath time to take its picture...
This Andes melon was super sweet.
The Hanayome peaches weren't quite ripe, so the peel didn't come off as easily as it would if the fruit were a little more ripe.

But, it was still sweet and floral.

I've told you about being able to buy 1/2 a pizza before, this time I found 1/2 at a supermarket.

This teriyaki chicken pizza was quite tasty.

Been hooked on this live camera of a bird feeder in a forest, in Tresna, Poland.

Usually there are birds and squirrels…Was surprised to see a deer this time.

Then there were wild pigs!

Of course there is a time difference, and sometimes there are only flying bugs, but if you want to check out the forest, here is the link.

Tokyo's daily case count is on the rise. Knock on wood that there are no "monkey pox" cases.

Temps supposed to hit high 30C's (100F's) this weekend AND we've been told to conserve electricity...eep

Hope you are doing well.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

my mom just asked me to buy her bagels from Safeway. Would you believe on $5 Fridays, they sell 12/$5! And once in a blue moon, even goes to $3. They are the huge type so not my favorite, but had to pass up.
Drooling over the fresh fruits.

Rowena said...

score on the bagels (huge!) and I had to laugh about the cat; I've been at war with 2 neighborhood felines that insist on using my yard as their toilet. I'll show who is queen kitty of this property! oh, and that 1/2 pizza box looks like the size we have when ordering a calzone.

jalna said...

Ho, the melon and peach!! Makes me miss Japan. I think I would rather catch covid than something called monkey pox.

K and S said...

that is super cheap V!

Rowena, you should put Mr B's poop where the 2 felines do their business, I think they will stop :)

I'd rather not catch either Jalna :)

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

Hope you are able to keep cool Kat!

K and S said...

dehumidifier is on Kirk :)

Take care!