Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Went to JINS to get the lenses changed for my glasses on Sunday.

Since it would take about 30 minutes, we went to eat something at Futaba Fruits Parlor.

Their main shop is in Nakano, in west Tokyo.

I ordered their chocolate banana parfait...from the bottom of the glass…coffee jelly (gelatin), whipped cream, chocolate sauce, granola, vanilla ice cream, bananas, nuts & a delicious (and HUGE)! 880 yen (tax included)

Satoshi had their shrimp avocado crab "dog"...1100 yen (tax included).

There wasn’t a hot dog just the bun.

It was kind of hard to eat but he said he enjoyed it.

While we were eating, Satoshi said he wanted to go to Zoff, the place where he bought his glasses from to see if they could change the nose pads since it was falling apart.

So after we got my pair of glasses, we went to Zoff.

Well, while the guy was checking the nose pads, the frame somehow broke, so they are replacing the glasses for free…sounds great right?!

Well, the new pair would take two weeks.

They were going to make him a "loaner" but the problem was that his lenses have far and near prescriptions on them, and without his glasses he cannot see anything!

The shop could only put near or far onto the "loaner", so I suggested they "mcgyver tape" his broken frames (both sides!) so that at least he would be able to see near and far.

He has to be careful when looking down, just in case the lenses fall out.

It looks kind of cheesy but at least he can see.

And in two weeks he'll have a new pair of glasses.

1st world problems yeah?!

Oh, and we'll be back to Futaba Fruits Parlor, maybe to try their lunch menu...

Futaba Fruits Parlor

Atre Kawasaki 4F

Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Hours: 10:00-21:00

Open when Atre Kawasaki is


Anonymous said...

I gotta make note of that Futaba Fruits Parlor! Hope it's not too cold or that they take it off the menu and put something warmer.
Poor Satoshi, I totally cannot see without my glasses too, but I have a lot of glasses so usually carry a spare when I travel.

After a little fiddling around with that magnifying stand, works pretty good! Thanks!

K and S said...

Glad the stand works, V! hope you can eat this parfait too :)

Take care!

Rowena said...

I swear you can McGyver just about anything these days! can you imagine how lost we'd all be if that tv show never was created?^-^

jalna said...

Pretty good Mcgyver job!

KirkK said...

So no "dog" in the dog???? Why don't they call it a shrimp avocado crab roll? It does kind a look "lobster-rollish"? Though then folks would be complaining it isn't maki-sushi, huh?

K and S said...

so true Rowena!

Thanks Jalna :)

Kirk, gotta wonder yeah?!

Take care everyone.