Thursday, December 07, 2023

MIL’s (part 2)

So...the architect said the house is kinda “leaning”...eep!

He said he would think up different ideas/plans for Satoshi & BIL to look over

BIL and Satoshi talked over the weekend, it turns out MIL still has a little savings (whew! but um why wasn’t this brought up earlier?!)

So BIL & Satoshi will use this money to purge stuff and maybe have stuff fixed?!

If there are added costs after they use up MIL's monies, Satoshi will pay and have BIL pay him for BIL's half of the costs.

So I think purging is the next phase…I told Satoshi he should ask BIL to let him use a room in BIL's apartment to store the stuff Satoshi wants to keep, then BIL can arrange to have MIL's purged and cleaned during 2024?!

Dunno when BIL & Satoshi will actually start doing anything, though I’m crossing fingers they will start soon...send good mojo.


Anonymous said...

I feel your (and Satoshi's) pain! I have to drastically purge for my renovation but since I still don't know when the plans will be approved, I'm in major procrastination mode.
My worry is the termite damage. Have no idea how extensive it is until they start ripping down the walls.

K and S said...

V, so far it looks like there is no termite damage (knock on wood)

Take care!