Friday, December 01, 2023

this and that

Roses from Satoshi for Ii Fufu no Hi

Found an interesting soup in the vending machine, though I'm not brave enough to try it...kani zosui (crab rice porridge)
Moon set Monday morning
you may or may not know all the scandal surrounding Johnny's, a very popular talent agency that recently changed their name to Smile-Up and closed their souvenir shop.

I saw a small crowd of ladies when I went to get some groceries, they were standing in line to purchase their favorite Johnny's group's souvenirs.

As I was coming back, the crowd was even larger!

Standard Products is the name of the higher end store of Daiso

They apparently sell a lot of household stuff and have been compared with Nitori (another houseware store)

Looking forward to seeing what things will be sold at their Kamata store.

This lemony dressing was so delicious on this chicken salad.

I thought the lemon was the yellow bits but that was actually grated egg yolk.


This snack mix so ono! I bought one for V too, hope she enjoys this too

There is big kakinotane, really spicy kakinotane, ume flavored kakinotane & peanuts

Bought a black cat bag because it reminded me of my furry niece.
Beaver Moon

life hack: while riding the train, saw a woman do this.

it was quite warm on this day and she didn't want to carry around her down jacket...she had the pouch that comes with the uniqlo jacket with her, rolled up the jacket and put it into the pouch.

thought that was so smart so I copied her life hack.

When not in use, attach the pouch on the loop inside the jacket then tuck the pouch in the inner pocket 

Tokyo People: electric scooter...these look scary!
fat tire bicycle uber eats

Lunch with V & A on their last day in Japan...Bincho Hitsumabushi
I had to get back home by a certain time, so I left them at Itoya.

I took photos of buildings in Ginza while I walked back to the station…Cartier
V88 Building
another Louis Vuitton 
Van Cleef & Arpels
Loved this window at Matsuya Ginza.
Hello Kitty is ready for Christmas.
Before lunch, we went to the Yamagata antenna shop...bought some yukari (dried red shiso) made in Yamagata.
chocolate stollen from Pierre Marcolini...4250 yen (tax included)

Sorry this post was long, have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow such high end retailers and I guess they put up their own buildings. Huge!
Just returned from a tour from Osaka to Kyushu. Like Kyushu....other international tourist are back!
Hope it will start helping the economy and not offend the locals. Lahaina depends on tourism, in fact all of Maui does and yet there is opposition. Go figure!
Have a wonderful holiday season. Keep warm.
Bonny ogg

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for meeting us and taking us around! I can't wait to try the kakinotane mix tonight with my happy hour gang (or should I keep it for myself).
I'm gonna have to figure out how to pack so I can buy more stuff, LOL. Especially like stollens and heavier stuff.

jalna said...

Satoshi did good.

KirkK said...

My goodness, I' afraid of letting the Missus loose there Kat!

K and S said...

you too Bonny, have a happy holiday season!

V, lol

Jalna, he did yeah?!

Kirk, :)

Take care everyone.