Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Breakfast the next morning was buffet style.

I tried to take local dishes.
Love okayu! (rice porridge)

Not pictured: round 2 (coffee, yogurt with granola and mini croissants)

Unfortunately, the weather was rainy

Still, Satoshi wanted to go to check out the Yokoyama Lookout near Ugata

To get up to the lookout, you need to go by taxi.

On weekdays, the taxis charge only 500 yen, what the Japanese like to call "one coin", but on weekends it costs 4 times the amount!eep

The first thing the taxi driver said when we told him where to take us was, "you probably won't be able to see anything"

Satoshi explained that he might have a tour group to bring here, the taxi driver was kind enough to explain where the bus parking for big buses was as he drove us up to the lookout area. 

Big buses would need to drop off their passengers at the bottom (no room to turn around at the top) and the passengers would need to walk up to the lookout.

Mini buses/vans would be allowed up to the lookout parking.

Luckily, the pouring rain stopped for us.

We had aosa (green laver) donuts and coffees...270 yen (tax included) each for the donuts and 400 yen (tax included) each for the coffee

Then Satoshi went to look at the lookout area.

Luckily there is a wheelchair ramp from the parking for cars & mini vans to the lookout area.

But, to go back to the parking for big buses, everyone needs to go down these stairs!

Not nicely paved either!
Bursts of color from the kawazuzakura on this rainy day.
along the road back to the station
We caught the express train from Ugata to Nagoya

Grabbed some items for a late lunch at Nagoya station and made our way back to Tokyo
Miso katsu sandwich!

Satoshi had this miso katsu bento favorite Nagoya style chicken for dinner...

I hope you enjoyed our adventure as much as we did

Yokoyama Lookout
Mirador Cafe
875-20 Agocho Ugata
Shima, Mie


KirkK said...

Ooooh, that Japanese Breakfast, I'm so jealous Kat!

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Kirk come back to Japan soon :)

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