Thursday, February 29, 2024


Tuesday, our apartment building was scheduled to have the water turned off for an hour.

During that time, I went to physical therapy and then decided to go holoholo (gallavanting) afterwards, Satoshi instead decided to work from home...sigh!

I wanted to see the Aomori Antenna Shop, so that was my first stop

All sorts of food items as well as textiles and crafts from Aomori.
I went back to Pain des Philosophos

The olive and fromage...delicious with tapenade, a whole olive and cheese 250 yen (tax included), and the croissant, super flaky…320 yen (tax included)
And then went to check out Akomeya in la Kagu, a building that was designed by Kuma Kengo
Akomeya sells all kinds of things to eat with rice.

I also got a new (to me) chocolate to try
They also had a yachimun (Okinawan pottery) fair, so I got these small dishes...1540 yen (tax included) each
Stopped in at Point et Ligne...they have several shops around Tokyo
the chocolat was super chocolatey! love! and the kari was a slightly spicy curry bread....delicious…640 yen (tax included) for the two items
love that they have a bread "map" to tell you what you bought and if it is freezeable or not

It was so blustery that at times I thought the wind was gonna knock me over!

So much more to explore in this area

Point et Ligne
6-45-2 Kagurazaka
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Open daily: 11:00-19:00

67 Yaraicho
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Open daily: 11:00-20:00


KirkK said...

Good looking croissant Kat!

K and S said...

It was delicious Kirk!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

those dishes are beautiful, kinda pricey too.
We bought a made in Japan coffee mug from Starbucks in Matsuyama. Super pricey! but very elegant, concical shaped like Fujisan and white. Gotta turn upside down to see blue glazing on the bottom. I forget the artist but from the area.