Monday, July 03, 2006

foodie kind of weekend

Saturday--Satoshi had his German language class, I met him in Umeda for lunch. We ate at a restaurant called Hong Kong Chon Long. It is a chain restaurant. This restaurant is buffet-style with a time limit of 90 minutes. The food is really good, but the customers cutting through the lines to get their food were really upsetting. Here is the dessert that I had, a lemony gelatin like dish with some kiwi and goji berries, custard tarts, and jin dui (a mochi with sweet bean paste inside then is covered with sesame seeds and fried). We have jin dui in Hawaii, but the fillings are a bit different.

I saw this candy on the Candy Blog and had to add it to my dark chocolate stash--dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts made by Ritter Sport.

Another addition, this chocolate made by Choco-lina, is made from sheep's milk and made in Austria. I've seen this chocolate in some gourmet stores, but the price has made me think twice about buying it--about $7.35 per bar, but I was lucky today and got 2 bars for $4.20! These two sounded really interesting, 67% dark chocolate with rose buds & 65% dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds. There is no foil wrapping, so you can see right into the package!

Dinner was pork ginger, edamame (soy beans), salad, genmai (brown rice) and sakuranbo (cherries)

Pino ice cream is made by the Eskimo brand who is run by Meiji Dairy Products. They came out with a special flavor for summer, mint chocolate(one of my favorites)! In Japan, it is very rare to find mint chocolate ice cream, unless you are eating at Baskin & Robbins or in Okinawa at Blue Seal (a subsidiary of Foremost), the only green ice cream you can find is usually green tea. So I was very happy to find this at 7-eleven. 6 little ice cream bon-bons...Delicious!

Sunday--we woke up to clouds and some rain! Luckily, it was only drizzly as we walked to our favorite neighborhood cafe and made it there just before the DOWNPOUR!

Luckily, after breakfast the sun came out, unfortunately this brought the humidity way up! We did some grocery shopping and bought our dinner, just in case it rained in the evening, and then went to our favorite soba shop in the nearby shopping arcade.

Dinner was chirashizushi (vinegared rice topped with a variety of colorful ingredients). The toppings were tako (octopus), kani (crab) , amaebi (northern shrimp or crevette nordique) and ikura (salmon roe).

Satoshi's dinner was an assortment of different nigirizushi (hand molded sushi) from top, left to right, akagai (ark shell), sake (salmon), hotate (scallop), ikura (salmon roe), negitoro (green onion with the fatty part of the tuna), ebi (shrimp), kazunoko (herring roe), tako (octopus), hamachi (yellowtail), ika (squid), maguro (tuna)--I'm not too sure if these were all correct....

Dessert was a cup of mint chocolate ice cream by Meiji Dairy Products called Supercup....I only ate half, so guess what I'll be having tonight! :)

Hope you had a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...


I don't think I know anyone that eats as well as you and Satoshi do!

Everything sounds delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks again, Ivonne!

Take care.


Darlaing said...

lol! Daryn and I ate at the "Hong Kong Buffet" this weekend. We both tried jin dui for the first time and liked it but weren't sure what it was or what was in it-- now we know! What is it filled with in Hawaii?

K and S said...

Hi Darla,

The fillings in Hawaii that I can remember are black sugar, which is different from the sweet bean paste, and a coconut filling.

Glad to hear you and Daryn enjoyed your "Hong Kong Buffet"!

Take care!