Wednesday, July 26, 2006

reisei pasta

Oh my goodness! The rain has stopped but the humidity here is unreal! I cannot even fathom what the people on the mainland U.S. are going through with no electricity.

Tonight, Satoshi has tsukiai (drinks and dinner with clients), so here's my dinner which I found at a department store: reisei pasta made by RF1. Reisei means cold dish. RF1 is a company which makes different kinds of salads and other pre-made foods. You can usually find them in the basements of most Japanese department stores (f.y.i.--the basements of Japanese department stores are where all the pre-made and fresh foods are sold!)

This salad was delicious, it had cappellini (angel hair pasta), slices of pumpkin, okra, beans and fruit tomato (a Japanese type of tomato which is sweeter and a bit higher in acid than regular tomatoes). The dressing was a tomato cream type, which I didn't care too much for. I think it might have been nicer with something lighter like a vinaigrette. That is the downside to buying pre-made things here in Japan--most times you have no choice as to what type of dressing.

I also bought some fried squid rings and a shrimp patty. These were really good also and the shrimp patty was full of nice, plump shrimp! The shrimp patty had a choice of tomato sauce or tartar sauce, I chose the tomato sauce.

Hope you are keeping cool where you are!


Anonymous said...

Hope that your weather will improve! Nice salad to stay refreshed!

K and S said...

Hi Bea,

Looks like the sun will be with us this whole week, now I can catch up with our for the humidity, it is a characteristic of Japanese summers.

Stay cool where you are!