Saturday, October 04, 2008

foodie friday in kobe

Met Tamakikat in Kobe today. She had planned to roam about before our lunch together, but it turned out she just took the morning easy.

We had lunch at a Vietnamese place, Chao Sai Gon, and we both had different types of pho. I was kind of disappointed that there weren't more choices on their menu, but the food was delicious.

After lunch, we walked up the hill to the area called Ijinkan where there are many preserved homes of foreigners built in the 1900's which were used as consulates and offices.

The weather started off nice but then turned cloudy. After roaming around a bit, we headed back down the hill for dessert.

Le Ba-ta-clan is a very nice cafe near the Sannomiya station. I've tried their macarons before and loved them.

I ordered the macaron set. This is 3 macarons of your choice and a drink...1050 yen (about US$10.50).

I got the bellione (fig), cherry cheesecake & creme brulee macaron with a cafe latte.

My bunny started off as only the head but when I took a sip, I added a neck to it.

Tamakikat ordered the creme brulee and a cafe latte. Her latte had a cute bear, she also added a neck to it when she took a sip. It was her first time to try a cafe latte with latte art on it.

It was a great lunch, walk and chatting...thanks for a great time, Tamakikat!

(UPDATE: 1/11/2010, the chef that makes the macaron has opened his own shop so they no longer sell his macaron here)


tamakikat said...

Hi Kat,

thanks for showing me around Sannomiya.

I really enjoyed the day especially visiting the area of the old houses (-I never knew they were just up the hill from the station), the Vietnamese lunch as well as the latte art.

Of course the best thing was catching up with you.



genkitummy said...

the latte art looks so cute! it looks like the bunny is peeping out over a fence or something.

Debinhawaii said...

What a fun day--macarons are my favorite cookies and love the bunny and the latte art. Which flavor macaron did you like the best?

Phoebe said...

hahaha when you have too many choices Kat, takes you longer to choose hehe.

macarons!!! haven't tried them but they look nice!

K and S said...

Thanks for a great day, Tamakikat, wish I knew of more places to check out but Kobe has changed a lot after the earthquake.

Thanks Genki, I think Japan makes some cute latte art :)

I would say that the cherry cheesecake was the best Deb since it was a different kind of ganache.

I hope you get to try macaron, Phoebe :)

Take care everyone.

SteamyKitchen said...

aww how cute!

K and S said...

Thanks Jaden :)

Take care.

Food For Tots said...

The latte art looks cute! Should ask my hubby to add some latte art when making his expresso. Hehehe..!

K and S said...

Hope your husband will add some art to your latte, FFT :)

Take care.

xiaocangshu said...

The latte art is kawaii!

K and S said...

Thanks Xiaocangshu! I'd like to learn how they do this.

Take care.