Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nishi umeda

Just want to thank "blogs of note" for featuring us today. We sure have a lot of nice comments. Thank you!!

Yesterday was my 2nd French class. There were more students but the class was still a bit confusing for me.

After class, I went to Breeze Breeze in hopes of trying a new cafe, but because it was peak lunch hour, I couldn't get a seat, in the process though, I was able to help a fellow foreigner understand the seating system of the cafe...(the waiter was mumbling while moving his hands and the foreigner was saying, "what? what?") I explained to him that he had to find a seat before standing in the line to order (which I must rant that it is NOT written anywhere!!) So since I also couldn't get a seat (because I was standing in the line to order without finding a seat first), I went to La Marina de Bourbon instead. I've eaten here before and the menu changes quite often.

I ordered the apple camembert panini. This came with salad and broccoli. The salad had a Japanese sesame seed dressing which sort of didn't match, but it was tasty all the same.

I enjoyed the combination of the sandwich. Crisp sweet apples and saltiness from the cheese. The lunch set came with tea...1470 yen (about US$14.70). I ordered Amour (a blueberry flavored tea), the aroma was sweet and tasted delicious. (UPDATE:2011 this restaurant is now closed)

After lunch as I was walking to the train station I passed the Bulgari and Tiffany clocks. They are huge.

I also went to my favorite gourmet supermarket and picked up this dark chocolate with salted caramel by Marquise de Sevigne (the chocolate wasn't really dark, I think it said that there was only 51%, but the salt and sweet combo were good) & chocolate covered kakinotane by Naniwaya (again salty and sweet) ...delicious.


acey said...

i love your food blog, kat and satoshi!!! congratulations for being a blog of note! :D

Hello Sweety said...


Ca va? Ca va bien.

I don't have plans to go to Umeda till next month. (I'm going to a ukulele concert.)

I'm looking forward to going to Breeze Breeze for the 1st time, the anpan shop and stocking up chocolate.

All the best with your French lessons.


shar said...

hi ya Kat :) How cool that your blog was mentioned as a blog of note :)

Are you sure youre not taking French lessons as an excuse to check out the breeze breeze ;) jk.

too much fun !

molly. said...

congrats for being a blog of note! one of my major dreams is to visit Japan! Feel free to comment my blog anytime!!!

Kelly said...

Dark chocolate with salted caramel?! Sounds WONDERFUL! Very much enjoying your blog--totally deserving of today's blog of note! If you'd like to check out some of my adventures a bit south of you (in Australia), check out
Congrats again!

billie said...

i like japanese food

Melania Szinger said...

I've never thought of Japan when I think about food, probably coz of my stereotypical perception of sushi and raw food.

But going through yr blog, I realised how little I knew about Japan and what's inside it. I am so sorry. This blog opens my eyes to how beautiful and interesting it actually is, thank you.

Melania Szinger

starsinmybelly said...

I am very new here to blogger, so I am just getting started...I was so happy to have found your blog today on Blogs of Note... My husband is Asian (born in Japan actually!), so he has introduced me to so many new foods that I never would've tried before (Japanese and Hawaiian are both favorites of ours)I will definitely look fwd to reading more of your blog!


LJ said...

Hi there. I just came across your blog today due to it being a blog of note - congrats! Oddly enough, I also picked up this chocolate bar to try when I was at Tokyu Hands!

2kamuela47 said...

Congratulations Kat and Satoshi. I always enjoy your adventures. Take care!

yan said...

Wow~I love your blog and the food looks delicious!

fodgee boy said...

i feel hungry....
just love reading it...

K and S said...

Thanks Acey, Molly, Kelly, Billie, Melania, Stars!

Bonjour Hello Sweety...oui ca va, enjoy your stay in Osaka :)

You know my main reason is to eat lunch out, Shar :)

That is cool, LJ, hope you like it.

Thanks Laura, Yan and Fodgee

Take care everyone.

AziL®™ said...

hi, i really like your blog...saw it for the 1st time thru the blogs of note! :)



K and S said...

Thanks AziL,

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

So well deserved on the Blogs of Note and you know I would love that salted caramel bar. Sounds like a good treat after a challenging class!

Daisy said...

A really interesting and colourful site, thank u for a good read this morning!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite... coco covered senbe = )

Rowena said...

Yayyy!! (and acch! I wish that *I* had been the one to tell you about it). Your recognition is very much deserved. Have fun with the TONS of comments!!!! heehee ;-)

p.s. Don't even feel like you gotta reply to this because I know very well what you will be going through now.

Phoebe said...

awww! blueberry tea! yum! blackcurrant tea is nice too!

wow salty and sweet chocolate? I wonder what that taste like!

lars shalom said...


chimerastone said...

Hello there.
Your blog was on Blogs of Note and stopped by to say hi. Japan is wonderful place I love to go there some time. Hello Kitty is becoming big here in England, usually Japanese products can only be brought on import.

I just returned from a gig in Cardiff, There were several bands playing. Mainly there to see Mucc. Don't suppose you have heard of them? They are first Japanese Rock band I have seen but they are big in America. Wish that more J-Rock bands would come to England.

You are interesting blog and I wished I found it earlier. French is pretty easy to learn. Keep practise.

SUBHADIP said...

A beautiful blog and congrats for being the blog of note..really thrilling to read..
if you can please visit my blog and share comments..

K and S said...

Thank you Deb, you would have like it I think because it was "dark".

Thanks Daisy, Lars!

They are one of my favorites too Girl Japan.

Addicting, Phoebe!

he he thanks eh, Rowena!

No I didn't know them Chimerastone, but I googled and now I know about them.

Take care everyone.

Darma Bhakti said...

Nice Blog and congratulation for becoming Blogs of Note. I love Japanese cuisine, it's a good references and I wish to get on my own adventure when i take a Japanese class in Tokyo next year.

bread said...


I love chocolate too.
Congratulation for being chosen as 'blog of note' (you deserved it).

ganbatte ne.
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siopieguadalope said...

hi Kat & Satoshi...
i just new at blogger n found out urs as blog note. its great! i like it! i was taking french class before. 2 years. but until now i barely can speak that language. i can only say, je m'appele, au revoir and couple simple words.. haha.. yuph! it is so difficult! but if u at the country, i think it would be different. more easy maybe. anyway.. love ur blog! so inspiring..


Mike Collins said...

Your blog makes me miss Japan. My wife and I were ALT's in northern Japan for a year and we are very grateful for our time there. keep the posts comin!

Maki said...

Hey there:) I'm originally from Japan, then moved to Hawaii and lived there for 13 yrs. Now I'm in Florida (since past Dec) due to hubby's job. Your blog made me assure how much I miss both Japan and Hawaii.

It's so great that I found you guys through Blogs of Note!! I will visit you everyday to get Japan fix:)


K and S said...

Thanks Subhadip, Bread, Siopie!

I hope you enjoy your studies Darma!

Hope you get your fix, Mike & Maki.

Take care everyone.

Master Zman said...

So yummie

Lori said...

Congrats kat! That's an interesting tea that you had. I've never tried blueberry flavor before!

K and S said...

It was, Master Zman :)

Take care.

K and S said...

Thanks Lori, it was definitely a surprise. Hope you get a chance to try blueberry flavored tea soon :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

its awesome!!

Anonymous said...

your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

If you like caramel, salt with or without should definitely check out this company.

I'm a BIG fan of their celtic sea salt butter caramel, but their chocolate one is also rather good. But, I'm more conservative and go for the traditional caramel without chocolate normally.

tuanlinh said...

are you a japan girl or a woman . are you a good housekeeper and wife . come to your blog , i feel hungry .

K and S said...

Thanks Caren!

I'll check out that link, Shortearl!

Thanks Tuanlinh!

Take care everyone.

Liska said...

I was in Japan for 16 days in 2004. Loved it and would love to live there, so I have really enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

K and S said...

Thank you Liska, I hope you can return to Japan soon :)

Take care.

Barbara said...

congrats on the blogs of note mention. Well deserved Kat.

K and S said...

Thank you Barbara!

Take care and praying for you.