Wednesday, October 01, 2008

are you happy?

From the looks of this photo, I think I am....

Not that I tried to make them look like a face, it just turned out that way...ha!

That sweet potato in the photo was huge--about 12 inches long and guess what?! only 88 yen (about US$.88)

The cucumber in the photo was also huge, a little longer than the sweet potato and only 50 yen (about US$.50)

The pear on the left 88 yen (about US$.88) the pear on the right 98 yen (about US$.98).

Why the cheap veggies and fruit? I think it was the neighborhood supermarket's tactic to get us into the store. They just renovated and upscaled their products. (This was the store I've been betraying...) But I was disappointed, they no longer carry the brand of milk or yogurt that I! I am still going to shop wherever I am and not go special to this store.

Hey...our tomatoes are getting ripe!..these guys fell off when I covered the plant with a plastic sheet, I'm putting them into a paper bag and hopefully they'll ripen a bit more.


tamakikat said...

Good morning Kat,

those fruit and veges are so cheap I think they'd put a smile on anyone's face.

I'm off to Daimaru this morning to pick up a free can of coffee from my local supplier. Yes, I'm not working today-there are no classes. Those things make me smile.

I wonder what made your readers smile lately.


K and S said...

Free can of coffee and no work, sounds like something to smile about Tamakikat :)

Take care.

Lina said...

i LOVE yaki imo! I look forward to eating lots of sweet potatoes in the fall. mmmm

Phoebe said...

nashi pear??!! That is sooo nice compared to the green ones!

haha aww...poor more yummy milk and yoghurt

K and S said...

I hope you get to eat a lot of sweet potato, Lina :)

Thanks Phoebe :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

*heehee* Cute post Kat, and I can totally see why you'd be happy over the tomatoes (winks knowingly). What type of cherry tomatoes are they?

K and S said...

I'm not sure Rowena, it is the one I threw into the pot :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - Those tomatoes are so cute. The prices for the produce was great....can't beat those "loss leaders"!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirkk :) I was surprised at how cheap they were selling the produce for!

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

Great prices on the produce. I guess they won't stock the brands you like even if you ask right? It is so frustrating when you find something you like and they stop carrying it.

K and S said...

I think a lot of people would have to ask for the same brand for them to even think to bring it back, Deb. The original brand that I like is still there but the price is not what I'd like to pay for it.

Take care.