Tuesday, October 07, 2008

tartlette's oatmeal lavender squares

Butter is still non-existent. It pops up here and there, but it isn't around for very long...sigh.

Since I don't have butter "stashed" like a lot of people I've seen on the news, I've been trying different recipes that don't require it.

Can you believe that a Japanese housewife on the news had 7 boxes of butter in her fridge, which she bought "just because" there was a shortage and "may" need some, didn't bother to put them in the freezer, and threw them out because they all went past the expiry date?? Talk about waste and selfishness! makes me sick to hear these stories.

Anyway, since I don't have a stash, I was excited to try Tartlette's recipe for oatmeal lavender squares the other day. The image I had was kind of like those pre-made granola bars.

However, when I mixed all the ingredients together, it was really wet. Not stiff or dry like it sounded in Tartlette's post.

So, I ended up baking them a L-O-N-G time...maybe a bit too long.

I love the flavor though and lots to chew too--work on those jaw muscles!

NOTES:I used muesli instead of oats. I think my honey was a bit more runny than normal, which probably caused things to be more runny than it should have been.

I am definitely trying this one again.


Tartelette said...

The dough holds together but it is not stiff or dry, not ""rolleable" just scoopable. Muesli does not absorb liquid as quickly as oatmeal so that could be the reason why they were very wet. They look fantastic though!
Sorry to hear about the butter shortage. Unbelievable about that woman hoarding butter and then wasting it all!

Phoebe said...

wow! faint lavender aroma is so sweet!

Really too bad about the butter...I feel so horrible if I had forgotten to do something and had to chuck all of it out.

K and S said...

Thanks for a great recipe Tartlette and also for your tip on muesli, I will try it with oatmeal the next time :)

Isn't it such a terrible thing, Phoebe??

Take care you two.

Debinhawaii said...

Ah, another use for the tin of lavender in my spice cupboard!

K and S said...

I hope you like it, Deb :)

Take care.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I was going to say the same things as Tarty...and I don't cook much. But think Of how you feel after eating a bowl of oat meal = glug glug
Where as muslie is much lighter and harder to spell :)

Rowena said...

The fact that that woman made the news! Kinda shows how serious the butter shortage here. I cleaned out my dad's fridge...he's got a load of that "I can't believe it's not butter" junk!

ilingc said...

Hi Kat,
This looks quite delicious. I will note to use oatmeal rather that muesli. =)

Incidentally, has the price of cakes and desserts at the shops gone up as a result of the butter shortage?

I remember when I was a kid that mum used to substitute margarine for butter coz it was a cheaper substitute. But I guess you can't do that either because no butter = no margarine?! What a bummer..!

K and S said...

hmm never thought about it that way, Carol :)

yipes, "I can't believe its not butter", scary stuff Rowena :)

yup, cakes, cookies, all the prices went up, Ilingc, even things that weren't affected by the shortage raised their prices :)

Take care everyone.