Monday, July 12, 2010


Saturday, I met up with my friend, Wen. We debated whether we should eat yogurt or drink coffee.

Yogurt won, so we headed to Yogurtland, which is located close to where we both live.

The sign out in front said that there was a new flavor...Chocolate coconut truffle, you know this was going to be good (sort of).

Inside, the place was packed with kids already on sugar highs and their parents, it was REALLY loud and noisy!

I chose a dollop of chocolate coconut truffle, a mixed dollop of double cookies 'n cream/dutch chocolate and a dollop of peanut butter.

As for toppings, I put some crushed butterfinger on the peanut butter, mistakenly put some coconut flakes on the cookie chocolate swirl and some sliced almonds on the chocolate coconut truffle.

They also had something called "popping yogurt" which looked like tapioca.

Not knowing what it was, I took a little of it...well, you know how ikura (fish roe) pops in your mouth and you get a blast of saltiness? This was the same except it was sweet.

We think the label was wrong though because we swore the blast was lychee not yogurt flavored.

I also had a frosted animal cracker, boy, those things are getting smaller.

By the time we bought our yogurt, the crowd had weaned and we were able to sit and chat without having to shout at each other.

It was great to catch-up over some yogurt and then we were ready to do some shopping.


rowena said...

Gosh I bet you were on a sugar high after that. But having to yell to be heard musta burnt up a lot of energy!

K and S said...

You should have seen how much fro-yo people put into those cups Rowena, all the way up past the top! Mine paled in comparison.

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

You have quite the variety of stuff in your yogurt bowl. ;-) Yogurtland can be crazy. Did you have good shopping?

K and S said...

Thanks Debinhawaii, that was the most people I've seen in the place...we had great shopping too ;)

Take care.

Kim said...

Oh cool Popping Yogurt! I wonder how long that's going to take to catch on here in Florida? Ha! :(

I would have been one of the people walking around with the overflowing cup and a big goofy grin on my face.

Admin said...

LOL'd @ "kids already on sugar highs". I can just imagine the scene.

K and S said...

I hope you get some popping yogurt over there soon Pocky :) it is pretty trippy!

Thanks Mikuru, it was kinda crazy!

Take care you two.

Kathy YL Chan said...

Ooo that popping tapioca was a new trend I noticed when I was last home in May...saw it at nearly all the boba shops in Chinatown!

K and S said...

Kathy, what I wanna know is how they make it??

Take care.