Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yesterday was quite a long day.

After pushing off from the gate, they realized that the interior lighting wasn't working so, we had to be pulled back in for them to fix it.

I think if the flight had been during the daytime, they wouldn't have turned back to fix it, but since this flight was at night, interior lighting was kinda important.

So, we started out being half an hour delayed.

Which didn't seem too bad, I fell asleep before we took off and the next thing I knew was that dinner was being served.

The one thing I noticed was that we were never asked to choose between the types of meals being served. In fact, all of us on the upper deck had the same meal, and a really skimpy meal, in my opinion.

A hamburger patty served on scrambled egg, grossly sweet teriyaki sauce and some wilted looking cooked veggies and rice. There was also a salad with a dollop of egg salad, a piece of squid & a cherry tomato. A really teeny bowl of fruit with 3 cubes of apple and a sliver of canned pear.

Most people rave about the food they've had on JAL, but with all their financial problems, I think they've had to change some of their ways.

Highlight of dinner was this:Mon Chou Chou's roll cake. I'm glad they didn't change this part of the meal.

I was able to watch a Japanese film & "Alice in Wonderland", both were good in my opinion.

After landing, I had thought we would take the Wiki-Wiki to Immigrations, but with all the construction around the airport, we didn't. Instead, we had to walk from one end of the airport to the other through a man-made sort of tunnel.

Getting through immigrations didn't take me too much time, it was the overlapping of 3 flights that sent baggage into overload that snagged me.

It took almost half an hour just to get my bags!

When I finally came out it was just before noon, my parents had driven round and round the airport plus down Lagoon Drive...we had a quick take-out lunch from Burger King and then I had a short nap.

It was nice to see my Grandma and Aunty at dinner and nice to be in cooler conditions even though we had some light rains.

It is good to be home, even though it was a long day.


Unknown said...

That roll cake looks really good!

I will always remember my 1st meal in Japan was Burger King! Hahaha.

jalna said...

Welcome home!

Rowena said...

Glad to hear that you arrived without too much hassles. A pity about the "downsizing" in JAL's meals. I'm curious to find out how British Air will be when I fly again (for sure next spring unless somebody from HI visits me).

Looking forward to LOTS of posts! So nice to see you back home!!!!!

Kim said...

How long was your flight from Japan to Hawaii? I have a really short attention span, any flights over 5 hours scare the piss out of me. Sorry your meal was so chintzy. :(
You'll have to eat extra in Hawaii to make up for it. How long are you staying for this time?

K and S said...

That is funny Rick :)

Thanks Jalna!

Hope you get to fly home soon Rowena :) though it will be nice if someone from HI visits you too!

Japan to Hawaii is about 8 hours (faster in winter because of tailwinds, or something like that) Pocky, from Hawaii to Japan about 9 hours (goes against tailwinds, or something like that). I'll try my best to make up for the skimpy meal on the plane ;)

Take care everyone!

OkiHwn said...

Great that you made it safely here! Now EAT!

K and S said...

Thanks Nate, think about where you like go for lunch!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! You should let your parents know there is a cell phone lot off Aolele St. that works out pretty well - saves all of that circling.

I was surprised to hear that it takes as long to get to and from Japan as it does for me to go between here and Chicago.

Alan from Makiki

Deb in Hawaii said...

Glad you made it safely! That dinner doesn't sound so hot but at least there was the cake roll. ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Alan, she said remembered about that lot afterwards :p yes, I remember the flight between Hawaii and Chicago being quite long!

Thanks Debinhawaii, I think the trip back is going to be "brownbagged". :)

Take care you two.

Jude said...

What a journey! Glad you made it, and it must feel great to be there. Have lots of extra-ono food for those of us who can't make it :-)

Jenster said...

I admire your ability to sleep on planes! Even if I'm exhausted I have a hard time falling asleep, and if I do fall asleep, I wake up as soon as I hear an announcement or someone in the aisle.

I was a flight attendant for six years so I wonder if all that experience staying awake during the flights have backfired on me. ;-)

Loking forward to some posts about your "local" meals. Do you get malasadas? Those are one of the first things I pick up when I go back to Oahu to visit family.

K and S said...

Roger that Jude :)

I try to get malasadas Jenster, though sometimes I don't get a chance. I'm impressed you were a flight attendant that is a hard working job!

Take care you two.

La Tartine Gourmande said...

Have a lovely stay. How nice it must be@

K and S said...

Thanks Bea! I hope you get a chance to come this way soon!

Take care.

Suze said...

Welcome back Kat! As you can see, I'm behind on my reading...again...working on it... : )

K and S said...

Thanks Suze, hope to see you soon.