Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It seems as though frozen yogurt places have taken over in these parts...everywhere you look there is a frozen yogurt shop.

This was my first trip to Menchie's with my friend, Wen.

It is the same concept as Yogurtland...take a cup, fill it up with the flavor(s) of your choice, pick your toppings, weigh and pay for it.

I tried the red velvet with red velvet cake topping, chocolate overload with chocolate brownie topping and pistachio with mini reese's pieces...everything except the pistachio yogurt tasted good.

My friend, Wen, tried caramel/dulce de leche and blah! didn't taste like anything near caramel nor dulce de leche, actually, we couldn't figure out what it tasted like.

I think I still prefer Yogurtland.

4450 Kapolei Parkway (near Target)
Kapolei, Hawaii
Phone: 808.674.1320


Jude said...

Love the "blah!" reaction -- so true-to-life :)

K and S said...

Thanks Jude, it really was "blah"...

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Bummer! I have had Menchies and liked it OK but I usually do the plain or tangy flavors rather than the sweet ones. (I make the exception for Yogurtland's Peanut Butter!) ;-) You continue to eat well!

Admin said...

Getting the pistachio flavor right is really either a hit or a miss... at least, in my experience XD

Evie Redding said...

Interesting post and blog!

Take care,


Kathy YL Chan said...

OOo there's a new place in Ward Warehouse as well...can't remember what it's called...but there are always lines out the door. The island is froyo obsessed!

K and S said...

yes YL's PB is good Debinhawaii ;)

I think you are right Mikuru :)

Thanks Tanna :)

Thanks for the heads up, will keep my eyes open the next time I'm around there Kathy :)

Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying your time with family and friends during your trip home. I'm pretty simple when it comes to frozen treats so I like either the Gelato Bar at Nordstrom or Honolulu Coffee Company for gelato. I've never been much of a toppings person so I'm satisfied with just the gelato. And I like the old school (for Hawaii people I guess) Yami Yogurt, too.

Rowena said...

Weigh and pay....that always works! But this thing with frozen yogurt...I guess it's the health factor that appeals? Nobody likes ice cream anymore?

Anonymous said...

What a shame. They look so yummy!!!

K and S said...

Haven't had Yami Yogurt in ages Anon, though we do have one in Osaka :)

Not many places for ice cream Rowena...wonder if the Lappert's is still around Ala Moana??

Thanks Momiji :)

Take care everyone.

Kim said...

I love Yogurtland. Ever had coffee flavored frozen yogurt? Kinda tasty. Try it if you ever come across it. :)

K and S said...

Will do Pocky :)

Take care.