Friday, July 30, 2010


This daydream comes from Ewa Beach Park.

There is an excellent view of Diamond Head.

You can stand under an Autograph Tree a.k.a. Pitch Apple a.k.a. Clusia Rosea and see mejiro, a tiny green bird with whites around its eyes, seeking out nectar.

There is a pod on that tree that is wooden and looks like a flower.

Before the pod "blooms" there is a tiny "flower" pattern on it too.(cute, yeah?)

Gazing out at this ocean is way nicer than looking out at Osaka's, which is usually "black"...this daydream will be perfect to look back on in a couple of months!


KirkK said...

Hi Kat - Love the photos!

Lindsay-Jean said...

What a fun little pod! And I miss the mejiro birds....

jude said...

Ooh, totally agree - lovely, dreamy photos & text!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

I guess you don't see many mejiro on the mainland, Linny?

Aw you always write kind comments Jude :)

Take care all.

jalna said...

I love this dreamy post!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Great pictures. I never knew the name of that tree so I learned something new today! ;-)

Rowena said... a couple of months when it's colder, the days are getting much, much shorter, and xmas is just around the corner. Xmas! I can only hope that it'll be a white one.

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

It took me awhile to figure out what this tree was called Debinhawaii, but I am glad I know now :)

Your area will definitely have a higher chance of being white than mine Rowena :)

Take care everyone.

manju said...

Hey, I just noticed this! This is our old stomping ground! Gosh, I miss this view from Ewa Beach...

K and S said...

It was my first time in this area Manju :) it was a beautiful park.

Take care.