Friday, July 16, 2010


Lunch on Tuesday was from Ba-Le.

I love their banh mi sandwiches. If you search this site, you'll probably see several posts on Ba-Le.

This time around I tried their BBQ chicken sandwich...US$5.50 + tax (the tax in Hawaii, actually just Oahu, now is something I can't remember)

An Asian style barbecued chicken with a little mayo, the pickled daikon, carrots, cucumber and some cilantro on a toasted crusty baguette. (I love their baguette!)

I also got a sweet potato tapioca to try...US$1.65 + tax

Coconut pudding with tapioca and chunks of purple sweet potato, how can you go wrong with this?!

The tapioca pudding is on the firmer side, rich coconut milk and there are just enough pieces of sweet potato in there.

Life is good!


Rowena said...

More! more! more! Great idea for the next time we bbq chicken. I just the last of it on a pizza last night. Btw, I'm having a hard time (lolo internet) looking for Hawaii weather, specifically the humidity (average). Do you know off hand?

K and S said...

Hi Rowena,
You might want to check out NOAA, which I think does all the weather around here. Not sure if they do an average.

Take care.

Jude said...

Yum yum!! All this week's posts are like a trip down memory lane... (We weren't supposed to, but we used to sneak over to ba-le after school just to chow their heavenly bread :)

K and S said...

ha na koko lele Jude! hope I'm not making you homesick with these posts!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - You know, I was shocked at the prices of Banh Mi in Hawaii. We complained when they went over $3 here a while back.

Deb in Hawaii said...

It looks good. I haven't had a Ba-le sandwich in awhile--although I had a bowl of Pho from there a few weeks ago and bread from them at the farmers market. ;-)

genkitummy said...

I love Bale! There sandwiches are so good. Did you know that the sandwiches are different prices at different locations? I think that the last time I checked, the one on Fort Street mall was cheaper than others.

K and S said...

I think most foods here are a bit higher than the mainland Kirk :)

I should try other items on the menu Debinhawaii ;)

I didn't realize this Genki, thanks for the heads up :)

Take care everyone!