Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hawaii walks

Some random sights on my walks...for the majority of pictures I use my iPhone, so the photos are sometimes blurred (sorry in advance).

A rainbow.

I think this is a Dodge Dart.

White ginger. I've seen this in several yards. This one was the closest to the street. Love the fragrance.

Someone had okra in their yard.

These okra are L-O-N-G and HUGE, not like the kind we get in Japan which are kind of stubby.


I think this is another type of Dodge.

And another rainbow. It is amazing where you will see them.

This mo'o (lizard) wasn't on my morning walk, but near the Art Museum downtown.

Ooh, and remember the bunny? Well, I walked past the house and they had silkie bantam chickens (a black one and a brown one)! Sorry the photo is blurry, I was trying to take the photo before someone noticed me.

Pua keni keni (Fagraea berteriana) is also in season now. Love the fragrance of this flower too.

And some miniature plumeria (Frangipani)...hope your week is going well.


Jude said...

Aw, lovely snapshots, really captures how it feels to stroll there sometimes!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Lots of interesting and beautiful sights on your walks. I feel like my neighborhood is boring. ;-)

Kim said...

Hehe! You're like me trying to play it cool so no one will notice I'm snapping pictures on my phone. Nice okra.

K and S said...

Thanks Jude :)

Aw Debinhawaii you'll always have those ducks ;)

He he Pocky, actually I don't want to have to stop my Nike sensor while taking the photo :)

Take care all.

Rowena said...

You're pretty good on "stealth" mode with the iphone. I know what would've been running in my mind if I were next to that okra...itchy itchy fingers!

K and S said...

that okra was taken with my digital camera Rowena :p the other day I noticed they had picked some, so at least they aren't letting it go to waste, I hate when people grow stuff and don't eat 'um.

Take care.