Saturday, August 21, 2010

hapa grill

Went to check out Hapa Grill with my blog friend Nate, Hwn Pake Okinawa.

I checked out their website before going and was pleasantly surprised that they are related to Sassy Kassy's lunchwagon.

When I worked out in Kapolei, we went to buy plate lunches from Sassy Kassy's a couple of times in the Campbell Industrial area.

I remembered that their teriyaki items were really good....Sadly the lunchwagon closed in 2005.

We both ordered the combo plate with two choices, white rice or brown or fries and mac salad or tossed....$12.75+tax each.

I chose the teri beef, mochiko chicken, brown rice & mac salad.

Nate chose the pork chops, teri beef, white rice & tossed salad.

Thank goodness we didn't have to go back to work or something...Our orders took so long to come. I think we waited at least 20 minutes for our food.

The teri beef was on the hard side, probably overdone. Nate says "it's like eating beef jerky".

For me, it was tough but not beef jerky hard.

Flavor-wise it was delicious and just as I remembered it...The teriyaki sauce was a little on the sweet side.

The mochiko chicken seemed to be pan fried, I liked the flavor of it. Sweet and salty.

Nate's pork chops were boneless and smothered in gravy. He said it was not the best he's had, just okay.

All in all, I think Nate was disappointed with his meal. I was a little disappointed that the teri beef was so overdone.

We both say we would go back just to try some other items.

Hapa Grill
590 Farrington Hwy, near Tesoro
Phone: 808.674.8400
Open Sunday-Thursday 8:00-21:00
Friday & Saturday 8:00-22:00

p.s. have a nice weekend! Today is a State holiday, Happy Birthday Hawaii! (a.k.a Admissions Day)


KirkK said...

Bummer Kat! I know that going home you have to make the most of limiteed time, so having a bummer of a meal is even more disappointing!

Jude said...

Mmm, that is too ono, would love that picture to jump to life and land in my belly! :) Thanks again for all this amazing stream of great HI tips (and I forgot it was HI state b-day!) Have a great weekend to you too!

Jude said...

P.S. This is what happens with sleep-deprivation - I meant to say that DESPITE everything..that pic looked good. (And I agree it's sometimes worth giving places a 2nd try - love that attitude, b/c you just never know in life! :))

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you and Nate didn't have a good meal there. I haven't eaten there in a few months but it is usually pretty good - I hope you folks just caught an off day!

I usually have the Teri Beef and Fried Saimin combo. Also, the fries are pretty good. I think they are fried twice and are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Better luck next time!

Alan from Makiki

Anonymous said...

Aw, I thought Hapa Grill was supposed to be pretty good. I did a search of your blog, but didn't come up with any entries for Kahai Street Kitchen. That place is supposed to be the "gourmet" plate lunch place nowadays. We had an office function catered by them and it was delicious; in fact I think the catering end of their business is so popular that they have cut back on their regular plate lunch business hours.

K and S said...

I hope the next time I go it won't disappoint Kirk :)

So true Jude, hope to go again maybe next time home.

Will have to remember that the next time Alan :)

Never been to Kahai Street Kitchen though I have heard nice things about them Anon, hope to try them next time I'm home.

Take care everyone.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I have heard of Hapa Grill and heard pretty good things but have never tried it myself. Too bad it wasn't as good as you hoped it would be. ;-(

K and S said...

Hoping it was just an off day for them Debinhawaii :)

Take care.