Friday, December 31, 2010

10 photos

You may or may not know that most of my kitchen adventures are first time experiences.

To round out 2010, I wanted to share 10 photos of first time cooking experiences with you.

Coffee Liqueur. It was so easy, definitely making this again.

Thinking it would make a great gift for next Christmas.

Gu-iri ra-yu This was also easy to put together, perfect on tofu.

Goya Tsukudani With some of the goya (bittermelon) that grew on our lanai, I tried a new way to prepare it...delicious.

Bo Luc Lac A delicious dish with a lime sauce that is worth making over and over again.

Che Chuoi A refreshing dessert with tapioca, bananas and nuts...gotta try this one warm.

Banh Mi With the cilantro that grew on my lanai, I put together some Banh Mi, it was good.

I'll have to plant more cilantro when the weather gets warmer.

Sa-ta Andagi Learned that controlling the temperature of the oil was difficult, but making andagi is quite easy.

Using Veggies at the back of the Fridge A simple dinner and good way to use up what veggies are in your fridge.

Kim Chee Potato Salad Inspired by something we had as an appetizer, this was easy to put together.

Tako Meshi Tako Meshi, with a dried tako (octopus), so easy to put together and the results were fabulous.

I hope your year was a good one. We had some ups and downs but overall it was a good year.

I hope to have more exciting adventures in the kitchen as well as some travel adventures in 2011.

Thank you for reading my blog and commenting when you can. I also appreciate your emails.

Have a delicious 2011 everyone!


jalna said...

I love this compilation. . . everything looks so good, the chili oil condiment on tofu, especially!

Deb in Hawaii said...

You had a very delicious year. ;-) It all looks so good! Hope you are feeling much better and enjoying your visit.

Rowena said...

This is a great idea because it reminds me to try some of the "first time" kitchen exploits that you've done. I've got my eye on that goya tsukudani and che chuoi, that's for sure!

K said...

What a nice way to round out the year!

Hope you're feeling better!

chelz said...

I've just started reading your blog, and I think I've read quite a few pages back into your blog.. Love to hear about all of your adventures in Japan, and I really can't wait to try out the Che Chuoi recipe!! xD

K and S said...

hope you like it if you try it Jalna :)

Thanks Debinhawaii, feeling a little better.

Hope you get a chance to try these Rowena :)

Take care everyone.

Su-Lin said...

Happy new year!!! Those dishes all look fabulous and I'm craving the Bo Luc Lac now!

K and S said...

thanks K :)

thanks chelz, hope you like it :)

Take care you two.

K and S said...

hope you get some bo luc lac in 2011 Su-Lin :)

Take care.