Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last night, after Satoshi's German class, we went to check out some areas that were lit up in Osaka.

Boy, picture taking is so hard at night.

We started off with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Very expensive....I think we did the same thing last year, and I said the same thing too.

After seeing Anthony Bourdain drink caipirinha on "No Reservations", I wanted to try it too, so I ordered one.

This is Brazil's national cocktail made from cachaça sugar (an alcohol made from fermented sugarcane) and fresh lime juice.

This drink kicks butt! no wonder they serve it in tiny glasses...

After pigging out on nachos, a burger and a pulled pork sandwich, we walked down Midosuji oohing at all the illuminated trees and buildings.

I then wanted to check out this huge rubber duck I had heard about.

This duck is 9.5 meters (31 feet) tall!

The first couple of people we asked didn't know what the heck we were talking about, but luckily we found someone who could tell us exactly where it was.

This thing is huge!

I think I want to check it out again during the daytime for the full impact.

Created by a Dutch designer, Florentijn Hofman, this rubber duck was placed here to wish for peace throughout the world.

It definitely brings a smile when you look at it.

This is only here until the 25th so if you'd like to see it, better hurry.

Located: across the Rihga Royal Hotel Nakanoshima
light-up between 17:00-22:00


Su-Lin said...

That duck is AMAZING!

Rowena said...

Omigod! I saw the duck pic and that Sesame Street song started running through my head:

Rubber Duckie, you're the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Rubber Duckie, I'm awfully fond of you...Woo woo be doo.

How cool!

Rona Y said...

Did you make it to the German Christmas Market this year? It was kind of fun, and the crepes with Nutella were especially good!

K said...

I've seen this duck online before- so fun that you got to see it in person!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

Oh my word! I love the duck!

And that Brazilian drinks looks amazing.

K and S said...

Thanks Su-Lin :)

Now I have that song playing in my head, Rowena :)

Ooh, you were here Rona?

Thanks K, it was fun to see in person.

Yeah we love that duck too Abigail :)

Take care everyone!

Rona Y said...

No, I wasn't there.:-( I went a couple of years ago (I should have been clearer). I wish I had been there, though! It's fun looking at Christmas lights without having to trudge through 3 feet of snow and -20C temperatures!

K and S said...

sorry I thought I missed you Rona :) I was hoping at least for some flurries this winter, but nada so far...

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Love the duck--how fun! ;-)

Jonathan said...

Wow great Photo of the duck, I have yet to see it and hope to go - thanks!

K and S said...

hope to check it out in the daytime Debinhawaii :)

I hope you get a chance to go Jonathan something to see :)

Take care you two.

Jude said...

Heehee, I love the duck pics (and also struggle with night shots constantly!) Having been unexpectedly away from internet for a week, it's so fun to see things like this :) I love caiparinhas - but also can only take that stuff in small doses!

K and S said...

I think it is because I use a point and shoot Jude I guess I just have to fiddle around with the shutter speed :)

Take care.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I LOVE that rubber duck and wrote about it 2 years ago.
I didn't realize how much it was traveling?
Lucky you!

K and S said...

Thanks PB, I had totally forgotten that you wrote about it :) It has been in Osaka 2 Christmases already.

Take care.