Tuesday, December 14, 2010

donuts dept

It has been awhile since I've talked about food...

Well, while one doughnut shop closes, another opens.

The Donuts Dept. opened sometime last month and I happened on them while checking to see what was up with Anri Doughnuts.

Unfortunately Anri closed (not sure when), I think it had to do with their hours, they would open at 11:00, way too late for housewives who shop at about 10:00. And probably had way too many varieties. I was hoping to at least try them once more, oh well.

Onto Donuts Dept., this shop sells donuts made with tonyu (soy milk) and okara (soy lees), which seems to be the trend these days.

While all of these shops boast "healthy" benefits, in the end they are all fried so they are all still treats.

Hara Donuts & Anne Donuts sell the same type of donuts made with tonyu & okara, and while I liked these, I enjoyed Donuts Dept a little more.

These were moist, tender and not oily.

I tried the earl grey and chocolate, both 150 yen (about US$1.50) each. I halved them and shared with Satoshi.

He agreed these were good...we'll be back (hopefully they will be around too).

Donuts Dept.
2-2-16 Sakurai
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 072.720.1072
Open: 8:30 until they sell out
Closed every Wednesday

UPDATE: they have moved to Makiochi as of 2/2013, 1-19-19 Makiochi, Minoo, Osaka, their phone number is the same.


jalna said...

What a cute storefront!

Deb in Hawaii said...

So many donuts so little time! ;-) Hope this shop stays around for you.

Rowena said...

Yum, earl grey and chocolate sounds to good and the fact that they weren't oily makes them even better "treats"!

K and S said...

I actually wanted to take the shot right in front of the shop Jalna, but their counter faces the road!

Me too Debinhawaii :)

so many sweets, so little time Rowena :p

Take care everyone!

tofugirl said...

Interesting! How do the soy milk and okara affect the texture? Is it different from regular doughnuts? They look yummy.

K said...

Yum those donuts look tasty! I love how there are many tea-flavored items in Japan!

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - I would love it if we had that much variety with regards to Donuts here!

Patzie said...

donuts in Japan are always nice! And this one seems like healthy one too...great deal isn't it? :)

K and S said...

not sure tofugirl, but I think it makes things moist :)

yes I think there are more varieties of teas to love here than in the States, K!

I don't know of many donut places in the States, Kirk.

so-so on healthy Patzie, it is still fried.

Take care everyone.

Tamakikat said...

Hi Kat,

small doughnut shops do seem to be everywhere you look nowadays.

Which is why I think the 2 Mister Donut shops near my house were forced to close. I still look at the storefronts when I pass by them hoping for a miracle. (Message to Santasan...)

There's a new churo store opened up in the Teramachi Arcade which is OK but it's only churos. I'm not into Hara doughnuts anymore. And Krispy Kreme doughnuts are soo sweet they give me a headache. Will have to make the effort and go get doughnuts from the cafe we visited last time.

I miss MisDo...(LOL)

A very spoilt TK

Jennifer said...

These donuts could be eaten guilt-free!! I wish I can sink my teeth into these one day ^^ Thanks for sharing~

K and S said...

wow, 2 MisDo closed?? I think I will stick to these small shops Tamakikat, though. Some are hit and miss but most are decent.

Thanks Jennifer :)

Take care you two.

Unknown said...

We missed our chance to try to eat these type of soy donuts when we went to Yokohama! The shop closed because it was too late at night. :( Oh well, I hope I can try the next time.

K and S said...

Next time you come Rick, you should definitely try the one in Nishiki market in Kyoto :) I think they were the first to make soy donuts.

Take care.