Thursday, December 30, 2010

what I've read in 2010

Thought I would share what I read in 2010.

1. Bill Buford, "Heat"

2. Kent Haruf, "The Tie That Binds"

3. Kimberly Witherspoon, "How I Learned to Cook"

4. Diane Mott Davidson "Sticks & Scones"

5. Diane Mott Davidson "Tough Cookie"

6. Bill Bryson "Neither Here Nor There"

7. Mark Bittman "Food Matters"

8. Khaled Hosseini "The Kite Runner"

9. Isabel Allende "Aphrodite"

10. Robert McCloskey "Homer Price"

11. Beverly Cleary "Beezus and Ramona"

12. Geneen Roth "Women, Food and God"

13. Anthony Bourdain "Medium Raw"

14. Anthony Bourdain "No Reservations"

15. Linda Furiya "How To Cook A Dragon"

16. Haruki Murakami "Underground

Reconnected with some books that I read (or thought I read as a child) and read a lot of food related books.

Were there any books that you enjoyed this year?


Patzie said...

which one you like? any recommendation? i only read 'Eat, Pray and Love' this year and really not my cup of tea. So looking for some other books to read :)

Deb in Hawaii said...

You read some good books and gave me some for my list too. I read so many books that I enjoyed this year and I can't think of any to name right now. ;-)

Rowena said...

Okay, you've inspired me to read for 2011. I have a habit of buying books, but never get around to actually reading them :( -- one that is staring me in the face right now on the shelf above the pc? The Time Traveler's Wife! It's been sitting there for at least 4 months now!

But as to your question, the book that I read the most this year was my 2010 PappaMondo ethnic restaurant guide to Milano. I only wish I could eat at those places as much as I read about them!

Jenster said...

I love that you included "Beezus and Ramona" on your list! Beverly Cleary was my favorite author when I was little and I have read every one of her books on Beezus, Ramona, Henry Huggins and his dog Ribsy, along with some of her other characters. I was thrilled when each of my kids learned to read and started borrowing her books from the library as well. I must admit that I reread most of their copies, too.

I also enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's "Medium Raw" -- It's almost like an epilogue to all his other books and shows.

This year I also enjoyed Ruth Reichl's "For You Mom, Finally," which talks about the role her mom played in her life growing up and how her mom's terrible cooking inspired Reichl to learn to cook. (In fact, I notice this theme runs throughout almost all of her memoir books.)

I enjoyed a ton of other books this year but can't remember some of the titles! I really should start writing them down.

Happy New Year, Kat!

K and S said...

yes Patzie, I've heard that "EPL" was either a like or dislike. Hope you find something nice to read in 2011.

I've seen your book list Debinhawaii and you have read so many books!!

I'm trying to read up what is on my bookshelf so I can buy more Rowena ;)

Take care everyone.

K and S said...

wow you read a lot Jenster :) you may/or may not want to sign up with "good reads" it organizes what you have and haven't read :)

Take care.