Saturday, December 18, 2010

things I'm liking

Things I'm all the leaves fall off the persimmon trees leaving tons of persimmon to look like light bulbs.

The combination of sasanqua and bamboo.

And sasanqua and fall foliage.

I noticed a lot of trees that were chopped down on one walk and then on the next I noticed that most of the trunks were turned into firewood.

It also seemed that anyone could come by and take some. Wonder how many in our area have fireplaces?

I noticed there were lots of these community farms.

Too bad there aren't any closer to where we live, or I would definitely check into renting a plot.

These white holly flowers had a very nice fragrance.

The fragrance was similar to jasmine (pikake).

Nothing like steaming some sweet potato, which I made into mashed sweet potato.

I've started using the wasanbon-toh, they aren't too sweet.

I've used them in "western" teas but instead I think they go better alongside matcha (green tea).

I tried this Tully's Choco Latte, no coffee just lots of rich chocolate, though it was a little on the sweet side.

And even if I have tons of tea, I couldn't resist getting more Tea Pigs.

This time their Super Fruit and English Breakfast.

I love the deep red-purple color from the Super Fruit and the English Breakfast is perfect when you want a strong black tea.

The arancini (rice croquette) at Capricciosa is HUGE!

We ordered it thinking it was small, and the waitress even asked us if we were sure with all the other items we had ordered, but when it came to the table...eep!

We figured we would have to bring home some of our other food, but in the end since Japan has yet to actually start using doggy bags...we over-ate!

Burdigala's chocolate danish. Love the candied orange slice on top, it was crisp and not bitter like some are.

Plus, the chocolate was dark.

How cute is this Choco-Lion?

I spotted it while passing through the subway station.

I love how the cheeks are made with coarse sugar and maybe some amaranth? to give it a rough texture.

Inside is chocolate cream.

I found some toffee at Seijo Ishii recently. Cocomira, a Canadian toffee maker.

This was delicious, butter toffee coated with dark Belgian chocolate and topped generously with pistachios.

I also ordered some chocolate covered torrone from Dean & Deluca.

This one is by Sorrelle Nurzia.

It is a soft torrone, not sticky, with lots of hazelnuts and coated with a sweet chocolate.

I also ordered panforte.

I had read about panforte on another blog and was interested in trying it.

This is made by Pasticceria Marabissi. Packed with figs and walnuts, it reminded me of a fig newton minus the cookie-cakey outside.

And the sunset the other evening was so, orange, purple...beautiful! (This photo doesn't really do it justice.)

Kind of a long post with lots of yumminess and beautiful things.

What are you liking these days?


KirkK said...

Hi Kat - Wow, that's quite a round-up. I still think that sugar is too pretty to use.......

Rowena said...

I always use to get pissy about all those persimmons going to waste, but they do look pretty at this time of year. And how nice that firewood comes for free. When some trees were cut just outside of our complex, the village priest complained and said that they were his! (the church is not right next to our property). Love that choco-lion and giggled when I saw the torrone by Sorrelle Nurzia. We picked up a bag of their mini torroncini and a whole pile of other candies last night!

K and S said...

it is too pretty isn't it Kirk.

that priest, Rowena, WT?? some people so hoggy like that.

Take care you two.

jalna said...

I'm liking everything on this post!

Deb in Hawaii said...

So many things to love. The choco-lion is adorable and that toffee looks delicious. ;-)

Patzie said...

all the nice things :) I'm enjoy reading (and imagining along)!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

Thanks Debinhawaii, the toffee was so good!

Thanks Patzie :)

Take care everyone.

manju said...

Girl, you eat way too well! I'm always amazed at what incredible selections you can find in Japan...

K and S said...

Manju, and I have the waistline to prove it too :p

Take care.