Thursday, July 25, 2013

oodles of noodles

Since it has been so hot here, I've been choosing lots of "cold foods", in particular, noodles.

You may be familiar with zaru soba, but I wanted to share with you other choices you'll find in Japan.

Like this rei-shabu pasta. Thinly sliced pork is cooked (shabu shabu style) in a broth then chilled. Then, chilled pasta is topped with the pork and lots of veggies.

The dressing was a creamy sesame...Delicious.

Rei-men, literally means "cold noodles".

This particular dish was similar to hiyashi chuka but this version was chilled green noodles topped with ham, cucumber, egg, some banbanji chicken & kim chee.

The dressing for this was also a creamy sesame dressing.

How are you staying cool this summer?


K said...

Yum, I would totally love both of these dishes!

jalna said...

OOOOOO, I looooooove noooooodles!!!

2kamuela47 said...


kb said...

Tonight I made a favorite summer salad from the garden: young green beans, cherry tomatoes, basil, scallions and a wee bit of salty cheese, tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Light and cool!

K and S said...

I hope you get to try these next time K!

me too Jalna :)

indeed Laura!

sounds nice kb!

Take care everyone!

Rinshin said...

The top dish - was it pasta or ramen style noodle? It looks great.

K and S said...

pasta Rinshin :)

Take care.