Monday, October 28, 2013

marguerite de marillat

Another thing that is in season now are pears.

When I first saw this pear in the market, I had thought it was a La France.

But upon looking closer, I realized it was a different variety.

Marguerite de Marillat is a rather old variety that was originally grown by a person named Marillat near Lyon, France in 1872.

Later, it was grown commercially in the early part of the 20th century in the United Kingdom.

The skin is rather tough and a bit sour, but the inside is very juicy and sweet.

The website that I found information for this pear on, said that this type of pear is usually used for desserts.

We had this with our breakfast the other day.

I put it next to an egg to show you just how big it is.

This particular pear was grown in the northern part of Japan in a prefecture called Yamagata.


K said...

Interesting! It's always fun to try out new foods.

Rowena said...

I think I like pears more than apples and am always willing to try new varieties. My fave though is still Nashi! Me and MotH both, we finish a whole crate (about 17-18 pears) in a week.

K and S said...

indeed K!

yeah I love nashi too Rowena, you guys sure whacked that crate!

Take care you two.