Tuesday, November 19, 2013

crazy pantry

There is a relatively new shop in Kawanishi (two train stops from our station) called Crazy Pantry, run by Wakuwaku Hiroba.

You'll find fresh veggies as well as cooking condiments from all parts of Japan.

I've been picking up cherry tomatoes from this place...vine ripened goodness!

This was also the place I purchased the veggies for Masakichi's pickles at.

Yesterday, I spotted something new called "dragon red", a variety of potato.

These potatoes are quite tiny, like fingerlings.

But when you cut them open they are a light pink to medium fuchsia.

I roasted these and they were delicious.

Can't wait to see what other veggies Crazy Pantry will have next.

Crazy Pantry
Mosaic Box 1F
Kawanishi, Hyogo
Phone: 072.724.7078
Hours: 10:00-20:00, closed when Mosaic Box is.


Happy Little Bento said...

Dragon red fingerlings? I need! I'll look for them. Lucky you!

Rowena said...

Love the name of the store and the cute look of the potatoes. The ag sector is so diverse over there!

K and S said...

I hope you can find them Sheri!

I just heard we have butternut squash over here Rowena, gotta keep the peeps on the lookout!

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Very pretty color Kat.

K said...

These look great! I thought they were beets just from looking at the photos at first, haha.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

I would've wanted to be beets, K :)

Take care you two.