Friday, November 22, 2013

fall foliage

One day the leaves were almost turning and then the next they were at their peak.

Autumn is pretty short and quick this year. The days to check out the leaves are kinda numbered.

Luckily, on Wednesday, Satoshi had the day off.

We headed to Kyuanji to check out the leaves.

There were fewer trees that had changed colors, but at least we were able to see some.

Yesterday, I met up with Fiona to check out Sanshikisaido.

The leaves actually looked like they were curling...still they were pretty spectacular.

At the moment, this photo is my fave.

It's Friday here, it is also "Ii Fufu" day...hug the one you love and have a nice weekend!


jalna said...

Very pretty!

Rowena said...

The trees around here haven't even completely turned color and then there's this crazy snow! First rain now this...sigh.

K and S said...

lot of trees were brownish more than reddish here, Rowena, sorry to hear about your weather.

Take care.