Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I haven't been to the movies in the States in ages, so I'm not sure if you have this.

In Japan, whenever you order food at the movies it comes on these oblong trays. One side is smaller than the other.

By the way, this large popcorn and two drinks (we bought coffee) were 1000 yen.

Then when you sit in your seat, you put the smaller part of the tray into the cup holder and it holds up the whole tray!

Another thing about movies in Japan is that when you buy your ticket, you reserve your seat.

I like this because you can choose where you want to sit and some theatres have love seat seating so if you go as a couple you can sit together without an arm rest coming between you.

Do your movie theatres have anything interesting?


Anonymous said...

Wow, what fancy trays! Not too far from me is a Fork and Screen theatre. It's a restaurant and theatre all in one! It's pretty neat. For movies seen in that theatre, you do reserve your seat. The food is not bad, and priced decently.

K and S said...

that fork & screen sounds lovely Sandi!

Take care.

KirkK said...

I like the set-up Kat. Wish our theatres were set-up more like that.

jalna said...

I love that the seats are reserved! We should do that here, although the last time I went to the theater was when me and my mom went to see Lord of the Rings . . . loooooong time ago.

K said...

What a cool idea for the tray!

K and S said...

was wondering how it was in the States, Kirk :)

ooh that is long time ago Jalna :)

indeed K!

Take care everyone :)

Rowena said...

Italy's cinamas got nothing on Japan's. Yes we can reserve seats online but we never do since the theater is hardly ever filled when we go.

K and S said...

still nice that you could reserve seats if you wanted to Rowena :)

Take care.