Wednesday, November 27, 2013

things I'm liking (disliking)

Some things I've been liking and disliking...starting with disliking...

This is supposed to be a Belgian white and lists orange peel and cardamom as part of the ingredients, but you couldn't taste any of those things...

Moving onto liking...Remember those Biscot Tea shortbreads? I wrote about here.

Well, I found two coffee versions (mocha & cappuccino) last year but never wrote up about them. (I'm pretty sure they were delicious)

And then recently I found this rose petal tea shortbread and this kona coffee version.

The rose petal tea version is so flavorful, the rose flavor really "explodes" in your mouth...loved it.

I'm glad I tried the rose petal version before the kona coffee one because the coffee one was a bit strong in flavor.

Tried this Tsunami Lager by Mehana Brewing Company.

It was a little fruity but I enjoyed it.

And I've been wanting to try Baird's Beer, a craft beer made in Shizuoka. Their shipping is kinda crazy so I was glad to find it at Hanshin Department store.

I tried their Kurofune Porter, which was smoky and smooth.

Cookies and beer...mmm!

What have you been enjoying?


Rowena said...

I hope our fave supermarket brings back the biscottea shortbread again, but in different flavors. Been waiting for the xmas stuff but nothing cool yet.

K said...

Ooh those shortbreads look delicious!

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - We really enjoyed the beers from Mehana when we were on the Big Island.

K and S said...

ooh I hope so too, Rowena :)

Thanks K, they were :)

I hope they bring more in Kirk :)

Take care everyone.